Tuesday, July 29, 2008

uplifting treasury

i just flew back from Texas....and boy, are my arms tired!!

it's always amazing when i'm in a sort of creative slump and i get featured in an Etsy Treasury!

my entire creative soul has been focusing on work so much, that when i get home, all juices to make anything even remotely functional or fun is completely gone from my system. BUT this is no time to complain! i am still doing what i love, and trying desparately not to let it drain me.

(those are my felt earrings at the top center!)

i thought i would give a quick update, since i haven't posted since May! it is such a beautiful summer, i'm having so much fun travelling (Texas this past weekend, and Michigan in one week!), spending time with friends and my special one. we are going to meet my family next week!! we were in Texas meeting his family, which is not quite as large as mine. hmmm....

i miss knitting! i have a few projects going on, but my hands have been worn out from over-usage on the computer at work, and plus my hands don't like holding the wool in the summer. but i've gotta finish sewing up el babe sweater for little Eden! or she'll be too big for it! ah! plus the ladies have been travelling so much this summer, it's been difficult to get together for some quality knitting time.

more to come soon!