Tuesday, August 28, 2007

almost autumn

....and with it brings excitement and adventures!

i have been quiet lately. something in my computer seems to be broken, and not letting me log on to the internet at home. i thought an explanation would be nice, as i have at least (4) posts to do!

as i do not have any photos taken recently on my computer at work, i shall post this of my mother and i, from my visit back to the farm in Michigan a couple weeks ago.

oh how i want to see the farm in the fall!


work is brewing at the homefront. i'm sprucing up my studio! decided that i'm staying in this apartment for at least another year, so i'm painting and making it my own. for as long as i have it. photos!


coming....Montauk trip, continuous adventures in NYC, new office, and stu.stu.studio!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

songs of brother

another night in this city, and instead of going home right after a long day at work, i went to a rooftop party on Madison Ave with my friend Martha. she's great, my friend M. always invites me to interesting shindigs.

her friend Jonny from London is a VJ [video jockey], does very interesting things with video and sound. using equipment that mesmerizes me. i went to a party a couple weeks ago with Martha, where i first met Jonnny, got to see some of his work.

M is a freelance photographer. she grabbed my camera and took this shot of the video equipment, tv on the right. the same images were projected onto the ceiling. if you squint you might be able to make out Jonny somewhere on the left.

the roof had the most amazing view. the sky was so open, not a lot of tall buildings. except for this one.

Empire at day.

Empire at night.

there were quite a few nice people at the party.

my new friend Zac on the right, also a video jockey, who's from Chicago.

ended the evening with a walk in Bryant Park, my favorite. another beautiful fountain. behind the fountain you can see the movie screen that HBO puts up every summer for their film series. i went to one this summer, to see Wait Until Dark, with Audrey Hepburn. everyone sits on the giant lawn, on blankets, eating and drinking and watching. gives me chills just thinking about it. the movie and the experience.

this was such perfect timing because i had a bit of a rough week last week, and have been craving some adventure. i'm actually taking a train out to Montauk with M on Saturday! i was hoping to take C there, get him out of his apartment and outdoors, but he is acquiring a new bicycle and will be picking it up that day. i do hope he can ride it soon.
my real fascination with Montauk is from the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. there is a lighthouse, beautiful beaches, just pure loveliness. the train ride is about 3 hours from Jamaica, Queens, so it'll be a nice day trip. excited to leave the city for a few hours. put on my bathing suit.
so i'll have some nice photos next week!


TGIF. moved my office this week. the space is just lovely, but what a headache. glad it's over with. here's a quick preview before we started unpacking.

my desk is the one at the very back, by the windows. cork flooring, all of our material binders are on the red wall shelves, including carpet and wall covering books. can you believe we have so many to fit on those shelves? it's a bit ridiculous. a photo to come later showing more of the finished space.

hope all is well with everyone. my love to you.