Thursday, March 29, 2007

look me in the heart: part II

i felt i needed some new spring clothes since i started my new job, so i bought a few shirts from some amazing Etsy sellers.

made this beautiful shirt
a very successful Etsy seller.
she was at a show when i ordered, and for my patience she included some great pins and stationary that she also made.
this print was screened onto a gray tshirt. she has a few different patterns, all a bit floral.
so beautiful.
i will definitely be buying from her again.

i also bought from DearPony
who also screens onto clothing, i love her designs.
these tunics are floral and lovely and i couldn't help myself.
they're both very long, and i can dress them up or down.
also a successful Etsy seller.

i am just so impressed with so many sellers on Etsy.
so much talent.
so inspiring.
i find myself on that website for hours.

i never need to enter a mall again.

look me in the heart

it is my good friend's birthday today
we celebrated on Tuesday of this week, and i made her a shirt using my Graffiti Butterfly pattern.
the applique was a bit different than my sweaters, being a tshirt, i felt it needed a bit more interest. the two petals twisted from the front to the back. i used the new fabric i bought, the white with black and gray seeds speckled on a black shirt, with black buttons and bright neon blue thread.

of course, i didn't take a photo before i gave it to her.

hopefully one of these days i'll see her and take one of her actually wearing it. but i believe it is the beginning of a few things.

(1) a tax ID
(2) tshirt embroidery/applique
(3) visiting boutiques with my designs

i've just got to do it. i'll go with one sweater and one shirt, maybe some of my jewelry, and see if i can sell anything.

i did list a new sweater! i did have this one listed, but didn't like the way i had appliqued. so i changed it using some of the new fabric i bought last weekend.

using more vintage buttons. i added a few one of my favorites to the front.

the large green button. it is so one of a kind. you might not be able to tell from the photo, but it's a bit sparkly, and just wonderful.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

new fabric store

the sun was shining this early afternoon
so i took advantage of it and rode my bike over to Woodside, Queens
in search of a fabric/quilting store, called A Quilter's Notion.
i hadn't been to that part of Queens yet, so it was a little adventure.
what a quaint place!
the store was great. i had a field day and found some great fabric for some upcoming projects. i decided to take one of my sweaters apart [the white cardigan for sale on Etsy] and re-design it.

fabric layered for me gaze at. i usually like to buy vintage fabric at thrift stores, or use old garments and tablecloths. but these were just too beautiful to resist.


new necklace on Etsy!
i was rummaging through my buttons the other day and found this pendant.

i painted a Graffiti blossom on it, and attached a nice sterling silver ball chain to it. i really want to do more of these, in multiple colors. there are so many amazing bead stores in this city. in fact, i walked by a few the other day just wandering down 6th ave. to Bryant Park after work.

tomorrow: new sweater.
for the white cardigan re-design, i'll be using the fabric at the bottom of the pile. it's a beautiful sort of plaid, cream, light rose, olive green and a deep turquoise blue.

Friday, March 23, 2007

butterfly trend

new sweater posted on Etsy!
she is embroidered with hot pink thread. my favorite part.
i've included a matching pin on the front of the sweater, since the majority of the design is on the back.

i've been so inspired lately, but have been so exhausted every evening this week. i have many more ideas, so keep a look-out. i'm sure i'll have more goodies next week

[after this nice warm weekend yea right. i'll be outside all day on my bicycle]


in other non-goodies photos.

i ventured out to Jamaica, Queens last weekend to look through the basement of my friends place of work. i wish it was for personal use; it was actually for Sampaguita. yes, i'm still working on the set for this play. i actually found all of the set pieces [and have yet to put together a prop list] in this junky wonderful basement. i also found some amazing photo opportunities. Jamaica is a ways out in Queens. actually the last stop on the F train.

my wrist aches from too much computer work.
enjoy the goodies!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

snow fall in new york

i never really believe the weather report.
so when i heard that we were getting a massive snowstorm on Friday, i put on my turquoise cowboy boots thinking nothing of it.

next time i will not underestimate the power of the [force] weather.

my balcony yesterday after gigantic storm. i was actually walking around in it on Friday evening. this is after all my good neighbors shoveled and chopped up the ice. see, it wasn't so much snow, as ice. pelting my face so i had to raise my mittened hands to block the ice chips. i've heard it's the same sensation as riding a motorcycle in the rain. that's comforting.

my doc martens are sufficient for such weather, but i think next year i'll invest in some nice lovely warm snow boots. good investment. maybe even napolean dynamite style.

in other news.

i sold a sweater! to the same lovely woman who bought the bracelet [aka my first sale].

detail of applique and embroidery on back. before sending, i added a button in the center [where you see the swirl] to finish it off. and a hand-embroidered label w/ pinkgraffiti logo.

of course inspired, i started another sweater yesterday, a small one for all you petite women! it fits me, but is a bit small for my taste. similar design to this one sold, but w/ different fabric and on a red sweater. here's a peek.

it's a bit altered from this photo since i started sewing it. 2 different fabrics, one layered on top of the other. the first layer [underneath] is a sparkly silver, while the fabric on top is pink and purple striped. i've been waiting to use that fabric. i had very little of it, so thought this would be perfect. it will also come with a pin on the front of the sweater, which will match the design in back. for a finishing touch, a red anchor button on back, and on pin. this will be finished today [more pink stitching to do], and hopefully listed tonight!

happy sacred sunday!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

finally the sweaters

ok so i finally listed the 2 sweaters on Etsy.
you can find them in my EtsyMini sidebar.
i am most happy with these.

latest sweater, seen here modeled by my gentleman friend [also wearing my pink wig...can you see his beard?].

i embroidered a Graffiti Blossom onto a piece of aqua felt that i purchased at the most lovely fabric store of Haberman's back in Royal Oak, Michigan. oh how i miss that store. once i really start exploring this city, i'm sure i'll find its equal...maybe even more its equal.

selling price: $25.


[i thought i just heard thunder]
we're supposed to have a gigantic snowstorm [probably on its way over from Michigan].
quite unfortunate. i so enjoyed these past few days.

more to come. i'm feeling so inspired lately.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


i recently discovered the EtsyMini. please notice it in my sidebar!
it is a mini version of my Etsy shoppe.
if you click on an item that entices your tastebuds, it will take you directly there.
what a grandious idea.

my second day of new Interior Design job : success.

i even feel enough energy to do a little bit of sewing before i crawl into bed.

i know i know, i haven't listed the new sweater yet. but i will tomorrow. definitely.
i'll actually have 2 to list!

meeting tonight with the Mogulettes! [see blogs sidebar] these women are amazing. my business affiliates. my mogulettes in the making. my startup sistas. we meet every week to keep each other accountable with our dreams of working for ourselves. i am technically no longer a freelancer, as i have a full-time salary job, but i still qualify with my small Etsy shoppe. and i still have high hopes of one day working for myself. the life of an artiste.

favorite/featured item in shoppe this week:

Red Lipstick. the horse pendant. i decided to add a chain to the sale. a pretty ball chain. i want to wear her every time i leave the house.

current music: pinback.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

in Etsy tomorrow

another sweater done. this is my third. and definitely my favorite so far.
but more importantly, a style of the Graffiti Blossom.
like a Georgia O'Keefe reference.

the design is primarily on the back, with tiny bits of the embroidery spilling onto the front.

this will be posted on Etsy tomorrow hopefully. if i can wake up early enough to catch some good daylight before my first day of work. the photos i took yesterday are just too dark for my liking.

on a more amazing note, my first sale on Etsy was a great success! i only hope it can bring more. this great buyer wants to commission another bracelet to match her tattoos! how adorable. i threw in a pair of Playing Card earrings that i also designed and made, because she was my first sale. she was so appreciative and left great feedback for me. it makes me so happy that i could give someone a good first Etsy impression.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

wednesday: in manhattan again

another manhattan adventure yesterday. taking more and more advantage of my time off this week.

i met a friend at the post office near Madison Square Gardens/Penn Station before walking all around Manhattan again.

i saw this building and had no idea it was a post office. that is, of course, until i saw the signs that said United States Post Office. oh. right. that makes sense. you can see Channel Thirteen building in the background, where my friend works. as i was waiting, i ran into the post office to catch a glimpse of the old bicycle and elegant decor. the ceiling is so beautiful. i didn't stay in there for too long. just long enough to take this in. and get a photo of the bicycle.

and across from the post office....

Madison Square Gardens on the right, with a huge poster of the new Will Ferrell movie. ice skating? hm. and the Empire State Building in the background. a lot of NYC commuters take the subway to this station to get the Long Island Rail Road and the Path Train to New Jersey.

we walked to the Empire State Building, which was lit green last night [St. Patty's Day?], then down to the Lower East Side again., stopping at a quaint diner along the way. Bon Vivant Diner. i think that means Good Living in French. how fitting. but i walked by this hotel again.

i had no idea the sculptures protruding were lights! how beautiful. how inviting. looking up the height of the building, we noticed there was a small one at the very top.

our destination was Mug Lounge, where every Wednesday they host a performance art night, sort of like an open-mic night. real artists, interesting folk off the street, anyone can perform. but when we arrived, there was no one there! how unfortunate and disappointing. i was excited about that. it's supposed to happen every week, so i will just have to catch it again sometime.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

peaceful celebration

i have been celebrating joyously, as i have a full-time job! starting next week, i will be interior designing full time. these past few weeks have really been spent in contemplation, as i've been seriously thinking about my 'business'. as much as i would love to make and sell things full-time, it just doesn't seem possible at the moment. but i am trying to be patient with myself, and in the meantime, i can still make things and be inspired and have lots of ideas.

i tromped around Manhattan today, in the freezing cold wind chill, to follow in the footsteps of my great grandmother, Olive Bennett, to go supply shopping.

i found the most amazing jewelry supply store, Metalliferous. i went a little crazy. i definitely could have gone a bit crazier. self-control. i found some great little bracelet cuffs to paint on.

i painted this graffiti blossom with pink nail polish. for sale at my Etsy shoppe! crossing my fingers.

EDIT: this cute little bracelet was my first sale on Etsy! not even two hours after i listed it. joy!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

bikes and trikes and old abandoned warehouses

i've been taking serious advantage of my free time this week.

Etsy Labs [located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn] : an amazing place for artists and crafters to connect and meet people.
every wednesday they host a Tea Party, giving a tour of the space, drinking tea and coffee, eating cookies, making envelopes from old science books and just chatting.

i decided that, instead of taking the subway, which i knew would take me at least an hour [taking at least 3 train changes], i would ride my bicycle. she was a bit dusty, having been cooped up in storage for the past 3 months. but i put some air in her tires and she was good to go!

it's definitely at least 4 miles down to this place from my apartment. at least. but what a ride! it was absolutely amazing. i saw areas of the world i never would have seen from a subway train.

the Polaski Bridge connects Queens to Brooklyn, more importantly, Long Island City to Greenpoint. most definitely the best view of Manhattan. most definitely.

cars speeding by as i peddle up the bridge. you can see the Citibank building, the only real skyscraper in Queens [besides all the lovely high-rise apartments going up by the river].

i came home, incredibly inspired to make make make! so i posted these in my shoppe on Etsy.

cowboy earrings. i seriously love them. please visit my Etsy shoppe, here!