Monday, August 31, 2009


hello out there! we are back from our honeymoon and still loving NYC! the wedding was amazing, out of a dream!

our official wedding photos have been posted at our Bella website, if you'd like to take a look!

i am on a complete organization kick right now, and i feel that after i / we get everything organized, i can get my head into creating new things for Pink Graffiti! i have some new ideas clunking around in my head, getting a lot of new inspiration. i'm so excited to get some new items in my shoppe! i just hope that i can keep up with the new trends.

i have also joined Twitter, at last! trying to find new marketing tools, to get my shoppe going again. it's more interesting that i expected! following some fun people, like Martha Stewart, TheKnot, Etsy, Al Gore, and more. i recommend!

look for new goodies!

all photos by Mihaela Avasiloaie.