Tuesday, May 29, 2007

we all wanna be somebody

memorial day weekend. how glorious to have an excuse to run around like a crazy person for 3 days.

Saturday: Coney Island with friends visiting from Michigan.

oh i use any excuse to go to this lovely beach/carnival/hot dog stand/freak show.
i certainly loved going on the day the beach opened. luckily it wasn't too overly-crowded.
walked on the flaming hot sand.
bare feet in the freezing ice water [where people and naked babies were actually swimming!]
nathan's coney dogs with onions and mustard and chili cheese fries.

ice cream, teeshirts and best of all.
riding the cyclone!

i think is in fact one of the nation's oldest rollercoasters. built in 1927. quite amazing that it's still running and quite one of the most fun rides i've ever been on. and i've been to Cedar Point too many times.

while waiting in line. i had one seat all to myself and was sliding around. it definitely added to my excitement.
D and i on the boardwalk. you can see the parachute landmark in the background. it is beautifully lit at night. too bad i missed that. we were both afraid of the sun that day. so glad when i meet someone else who covers up as much as i do. it was so hot and a scorching 90 degrees that day. yikes. can you see the smog?

and that was my coney island adventure. don't worry. i'll be back soon sweet dirty coney island. i love you in all your glory and grime.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

tees in Etsy!

with a flat tire on my bicycle and a hectic week,
i decided to stay in tonight
and make a tee to sell on Etsy.

this is the second of its kind.
the first was made for my good friend L for her birthday
[still waiting for a photo to show]

the design is very similar.

side view.
blossom petals appliqued on the front and back, with vintage buttons details.

i found a button that matches the aqua pin striped fabric perfectly.
so i sewed it into the top left shoulder of the tee. (see item on Etsy)
balances it well.

button details. fluorescent colors are so in right now.

this is the first of many tees i hope to sell. check it out!


my Harry Potter obsession has returned.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

wine country

my good friend N is visiting from Idaho this week
so a big group of us went out to Long Island to visit wine country
we ended up at a winery out in the middle of sod farms, about a mile from the Long Island Sound.

2 cars
each packed with 5 people
my car also included a dog. Bean.

Bean inspects the unsuspecting gargoyle guarding the cow barn.

the first photo is a barn on the winery property.
i was throwing a frisbee around with a few of my friends, with cows mooing in the background.
i think i accidentally set off the security alarm in the barn as i wanted to visit with the cows.
it was a bit strange sitting on picnic tables in the middle of a large farm, drinking wine, in the middle of the afternoon.

Martha Clara. one of the only wineries we could find with complimentary wine-tasting.
we ended up buying a couple bottles anyway.

i love this group of people. i rarley spend any time with them, something i'm hoping to change.


today. taking my bicycle down to Prospect Park. may end up joining the same group of people for a BBQ in the park.
must take advantage of this beautiful weather.
[[no worries Rauf. i always bring water and my helmet. ]]

Saturday, May 5, 2007

riding in new york

i love to ride my bicycle.
i have been loving it even more lately, as my boyfriend is nuts about his bicycle. it's quite contagious actually.

his bicycle. there is pink on it.

this month is Bike Month in NYC.
so there is something to do every night of the week, including a bicycle fixing workshop for women. i will be taking advantage of this. put on by Recycle-a-Bicycle, i get to fix someone else's future bicycle, and take the knowledge home to my own.


heading out to Long Island now.
more photos later.