Saturday, April 26, 2008

sunshine keeps me on steinway

'we met through a queer twist of time' - Frida Hyvonen

had a wonderful pampering day. bought some new gorgeous spring shoes, a few new pieces for my professional wardrobe, and had a spa pedicure and manicure done. dark nails to grab attention.

it's amazing, i love living in astoria. conveniences around every corner. the manicure place is seriously only a few blocks from my apartment.

with this beautiful weather, i haven't been getting as much work done for my shop as i've really wanted to. i have a few projects started, but you know. i've actually been focusing a lot on my knitting, as the babies are being born as i speak!!! they'll be needing new hats and sweaters to keep them warm!

speaking of babies, many thousands of congrats to my best girl Michelle and her husband Tim out in Idaho, on their new baby girl, Eden Grace!!! i am ecstatic!! i only wish i could be out there with her. in the photo above showing my current knitting projects, the bright lime green yarn is for a sweater for the little girl!! my first sweater project. i thought i'd start with a baby size. a bit easier, right?

the other olive green is a hat (for who is a surprise!). i used a nice textured stitch that looks like argyle.

so before i start knitting, i was turned on to this hilarious site, Simpsonize Me! of course i had to make myself into a Simpson's character.

try it! it's absolutely way too much fun. i think this does actually kind of look like me!

saturday look.

last but not least today, i ordered some lovely handmade stockings from a seller on Etsy, Sans Soucie, who works out of British Columbia.

all hand-dyed and pieced together for a custom order! i simply emailed the artist, letting her know what color combination i wanted. so original.

her business card. very elegant. will model them soon.
happy spring!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

listen to your breaking heart

the moon was a sliver of lemon last night. i could see it through the clouds passing by. by now i've realized how few stars i can see at night here in the city. it's better living in queens, at least i can count the number i see on my hands. maybe my hands and feet.

my new leg warmers! photo above shows a detail shot of the Graffiti Blossom embellished at the top of the warmer.

here they are in their entirety. another pair made from an old sweater of mine, headed for the salvation army! this was definitely one of my favorites, the simple black and tan stripes. these sleeves made for especially wonderful leg warmers, creating a nice big bell at the bottom. these are also being featured on an Etsy Treasury! called "Use, Abuse and then Re-use". genius.

today is another day filled with lots of crafting. i have many more leg warmers in the works, and also more tees for my spring line. excitement!


in MORE excitement! my brother Peter's band, Meridian, just released their full-length album, Listen to Your Breaking Heart!!! it is amazing. i seriously have not been able to stop listening to it. they've been recording it for awhile, but finally ended by getting it mastered here in NYC by George Marino at Sterling Sound Studios! you can have a listen at their Myspace site:

or you can head down to the bottom of my blog site to purchase the album through SnoCap.

i highly recommend!!! Murder in a Small Town is my favorite song (Peter on the far left).

(photo provided by Meridian)

Friday, April 4, 2008


i went to an amazing party in my neighborhood last night, at SITE, a great little boutique shop carrying vintage and handmade items for the home! i met some lovely people who live right in my neighborhood, and also got to talk with one of the featured artists of the evening, Amber Zezeck of Brookadelphia! she makes unique necklaces cut from acrylic plexi, i actually bought the green grass necklace.

i did feature some of my jewelry there at another party almost a year ago. so last night was a bit more laid back.

on another exciting note, i am featured on the Etsy Trashion blog! they interviewed me a few weeks ago, before i left on vacation. i love this street team!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


we have returned! Amsterdam was amazing and brilliant and cold and snowy and full of wonder. i love the culture shock, and seeing another world. the people live so differently and i drink it all in.

bicycles everywhere. we even rode them! a cute bicycle rental place near the train station rented two red cruiser bikes to us.

this is a mega short post about it. if you'd like to see more photos of our glorious trip, you can visit my Picasa web album!


in other news, i may have mentioned that my friend Tiffany and i were trying to get into the Bust Craftacular this spring. alas, we were not one of the lucky 50 to get in to the fair, which will be on April 27. but we are going to try to get into the Renegade Craft Fair, which is in the summer time. good for me, i'll have more time to prepare and get some product out. goodie.

becuz of my long absence from Etsy and my world of craftiness, i made another felt Graffiti Blossom brooch this weekend. i realized after making it that the colors are very similar to the first brooch i made like this. but the felt in the foreground i made myself, to mimic a sunset.

it's backed with a great fabric remnant from a discontinued upholstery sample.

i love the coi fish. so classic.
coming artist featured! stay tuned.