Saturday, June 23, 2007

morning bike ride

this photo hunt of sorts is especially for my mother.

leaving the apartment at around 9:45am, i set out for Madison Square Park in Mid-Town Manhattan, in the FlatIron District. meeting a friend there, to eat at the Shake Shack [amazing burgers and shakes].

rode my european bicycle from Queens to Manhattan, taking the Queensborough Bridge [59th Street Bridge]. a view from the middle of the bridge. some construction is being done, hence the need for wrapping. i like to pretend it's Christo, or some other artist making a statement.

getting into Manhattan, i rode down Lexington Ave. to get to 25th street. these brave soldiers, having lost the use of their legs in one war or another, were out on their arm-driven bicycles. it makes me happy that they can still experience the amazing power of the wind on their faces from riding a bicycle.

arriving at the park a bit early, i noticed this building on 25th street. lucky guy, gets to look at the park all day.

at the park, i locked up my Puch and felt myself being drawn to the fountain in the center. this park is very small, but attracts a number of people for a number of reasons. it's quaint dog park, where dogs of all sizes can run loose and play, the interesting metal sculptures of trees and rocks [sorry no photo], and of course, the Shake Shack. yum.

the railing surrounding the fountain. the photo at the top shows baskets of flowers on all sides of the fountain.

this has been a very pleasant second summer in the city. so far. perfect weather today. no humidity, sun shining, nice cool breeze.

miles ridden: 10

burgers eaten: 1

alcohol units: 0 [so far]


Ginnie said...

Where's "mother?"

I love following you as your aunt. Does that count? :)

And did you spend time with Dennis today???

Ruth said...

:D !!

Baskets of flowers, mmm. I have sweet potato vine like in that top photo (bright green).

Look at that brilliant blue sky above the skyline!

Happy bicyclers, happy Puch. That statue is looking at Puch too.

Lovely misty fountain with light playing all around! Square stone bricks in fountain water, yummy.

Photos for me.

happy mother: 1


Rauf said...

59th street bridge song, is that the same bridge ??

Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the morning last.
Just kicking down the cobble stones.
Looking for fun and feelin' groovy

Mrs. M. said...

Speaking of "slowing down", rauf, lesley--have you ever been to SaraBeth's for brunch? It's on the upper East side, a few blocks off of CPE, and just north of the Met.

I highly recommend it!!

lesleyanne said...

you two were competing for the first post!!! oh how i love it. and of course it counts that you're my aunt!! always.

yes! time with Dennis was great. he is so kind and generous. only wish i could see you all in a few days at the cottage. happy travels!!

lesleyanne said...

i know, i totally thought of you when i was taking that first photo. how much i knew you would love that pot of flowers. when i went there again on Sunday, i watched the gardener as she watered them. i thought of how much you would love to do that.

happy daughter: 1

lesleyanne said...

it must be the same bridge Rauf!! didn't they live in new york, Simon and Garfunkel? those two lovely boys.
thank you for putting that song in my head...all joking aside!

lesleyanne said...

and thanks for the recommendation, Shari! i have not been there. must be an excellent brunch spot.