Tuesday, August 28, 2007

almost autumn

....and with it brings excitement and adventures!

i have been quiet lately. something in my computer seems to be broken, and not letting me log on to the internet at home. i thought an explanation would be nice, as i have at least (4) posts to do!

as i do not have any photos taken recently on my computer at work, i shall post this of my mother and i, from my visit back to the farm in Michigan a couple weeks ago.

oh how i want to see the farm in the fall!


work is brewing at the homefront. i'm sprucing up my studio! decided that i'm staying in this apartment for at least another year, so i'm painting and making it my own. for as long as i have it. photos!


coming....Montauk trip, continuous adventures in NYC, new office, and stu.stu.studio!


Ruth said...

I love both of these photos, the first for your beautiful smile and how your outfit matches the John Deere, and the second because we are cuddling! One of my favorite pasttimes.

Yes, yes, I hope you can figure out what's wrong with your puter. Both for your sake of course, and because I've missed seeing your life here.

I look forward to seeing that studio room painted!! Subtly wild, eh?

I love you.

Ginnie said...

I've missed you, too, Lesley. So this is good to see you once again...and to REALLY see you. I just did my last post on Farm Day this morning. So many happy memories. And you, thankfully, are part of them, starting and ending with the Detroit airport! :)

Rauf said...

something is broken in your computer ? Stick it with glue Lesley ! Nothing is broken if you can't connect to internet. some outside problem or with settings. My computer is making noise jing jing jing. Friends come and locate the problem and fix it. i was thinking of pouring some oil.

Did you see me on the farm day ? i was there. You look gorgeous Lesley.

If you are staying there for a year you have to do it up to your fancy. you have to love where you live, even if it is a tin shed in a desert.

Ruth said...

Dad said you got one wall of the studio painted blue. Good.

You want to be on the farm in autumn, and I want to be in NY. We need to figure this out!

Pictures. I want pictures. Maybe your puter is fixed now??

lesleyanne said...

mommy! so happy to be back in blog world. i always like sharing my world with you.

nyc in the autumn is amazing and i would love to have you here! let's make it happen.

i love you.

lesleyanne said...

i love all your Farm Day posts aunt Boots! i looked at all of them at least twice.
always love our detroit airport adventures!
almost can't wait until next year...but before then..maybe amsterdam!

lesleyanne said...

why thank you Rauf, how very kind of you to say. i did see you there on Farm Day. lovely!

my computer is fixed now! it actually was broken. luckily i have a friend who is also very knowledge-able. helped me to fix it.

and yes, good advice. i wish i would have followed it sooner. hope you are well!