Tuesday, March 16, 2010

in the meantime

long time no blog!

i have a post in the works about what is going on in the life of lesley and Pink Graffiti, but in the meantime, take a look at some pretty things.

Brian's cousin Molly is getting married in June, we are so excited to take a vacation to Fort Worth to visit the family! but of course this was an excuse for me to buy a pretty floral dress (pictured below). i must say that the fashion and clothing in every store very much resembles what i see in the Anthropologie store windows, but for much more affordable prices! take Charlotte Russe for instance.

Floral Poplin babydoll dress

just one of many many dresses i fell in love with at Charlotte Russe. i even bought matching turquoise sandals to wear to the wedding!

Gorrill gladiator sandals from Aldo.

pretty shoes, pretty flowers and very very pretty colors. i think i even have a necklace to finish it off.

bubbles cluster necklace from Old Navy.
what are you wearing this spring and summer?


Shones said...

Welcome back! I am still on the maxi dress kick. I tried on this beautiful, empire waist, floor-length (I'm 5'10") bright orange one last year at Ross, and then like an idiot, I left thinking I could go back and get it in a couple of days. It was gone. Only $20, too. *le sigh* So I'm on the hunt for that dress again (or something similar).

lesleyanne said...

Hi Shones, thank you! And thanks for the follow! Yes, I have definitely learned that if I fall in love with something, I buy it! You're lucky you can wear those long dresses, I cannot. (i'm 5'3"). Have you tried Old Navy? They have a lot of pretty dresses!

Ruth said...

SO CUUUUUTE! I love the prints everywhere, so feminine and fresh. It's so great to have an important excuse like a wedding to HAVE to buy an outfit for! And it's equally grand that other stores are offering the cool things you/we love at Anthropologie for affordable prices.

Sale shoes said...

You look totally FABULOUS!!! Love that dress and I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog in 2011!