Saturday, May 29, 2010

not for the vegan hearted

memorial day weekend brought with it plans of relaxing.
plans of starting a garden in our apartment.
of roasting a whole chicken.

little did we know that some of these plans would not work out quite as we hoped.

or expected.

the garden is perfect!

it was the chicken.

using a recipe from a "Real Simple" magazine i bought a few weeks ago, i decided to roast a whole chicken, something i had never done before. on my own at least.

roasted with potatoes, onions, organic carrots and an entire head of garlic, i knew this was going to be fairly simple. the preparation was, and i really enjoyed it.

everything was ready to go, oven preheated, ingredients combined, chicken stuffed with fresh herbs from my windowsill garden and lemons. so i put the glass dish filled with yummy things in the oven to cook for the next 90 minutes.

an hour passed.

i decided to take a look at the chicken (by the way, i didn't smell anything cooking, and i was planning on removing a fully cooked chicken a half hour later). the chicken was still completely raw. not even warm.


our oven was totally busted!

we called our Super to see if he could fix it. luckily he lives right next door and is such a nice man. he looked at it and realized he couldn't fix it and thanks to the holiday, we wouldn't be able to get someone in to fix it until Tuesday evening at the earliest. ugh again.

all seemed lost.

then, our Super was so nice to offer the oven in his apartment! we took his offer and ran the glass dish filled with a 4 pound chicken and veggies to his apartment in the building next door. i will admit that i felt a little strange about doing this. i didn't want to interrupt his schedule, and it seemed so out of reach! but we put it in his oven, and went back to our apartment to wait.


about an hour and 25 minutes later, after running over to his place, we came back to our apartment with a beautifully roasted chicken.

and it was so delicious.


Ruth said...

Ahhhhhh. I am definitely not vegan at this moment. I can almost taste it. It looks perfectly done, and delicious, and I want some. Now.

Such pretties on the window sill. Your own "back yard." :)

Don said...

what an adventure in fine dining!! Who needs restaurants when you can do this yourself? Nicely done.

Chicken salad for lunch today?

Ginnie said...

The plans of mice and men! BUT you had a solution this time, thanks to your Super. How sweet (the least he could do, I might add). I know you are loving your life, Lesley. How fun.