Saturday, January 29, 2011


it's been a long time since i opened the etsy home page on my computer. the lack of work to list there was almost a bitter reminder that my shoppe has been dormant for such a long time. not that it's really a bad thing, but my day job has just been so demanding, and my husband uses the studio/study much more than i ever would.

in other words, i have fallen in love with etsy all over again. not realizing how many changes they've made to the website, i've updated a few things and started surfing through my favorite places.


one of the changes that i really love about the new etsy is that anyone can make a treasury! when i first started using etsy, over 4 years ago, one had to wait for a slot to open up, and that was just too much work. so yesterday, i made my first treasury!

for you, my love. (click on the image to view it larger)

really made for the hopeless romantic husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, looking for the perfect gift. i'm working on another one right now. the idea of a treasury is to create a collage of favorite items based on a theme, either by subject matter, color, gift ideas, etc. no two items can be alike, and no one seller can be featured more than once. i love to use color and theme together, so focused on pale pinks, deep reds, white and gray but also trying to find items from my favorite sellers that could make wonderful valentine's day gifts.

you can visit my treasury by following the link above, "for you, my love".

what are your treasures?


Ruth said...

Ohhhh YUMmy! There is such great balance in all these pink pretties (they're not all pink, but . . .). Starting with macerons! Even a pink-shadowed eye. and the stag in a woods with a few pink fruits! Ohhh and the pink bow belt. The book, "pale taupe and almont" . . . the colors, words and design alone are filling me up.

I love you.

lesleyanne said...

i'm so glad that you enjoyed my post, sweet mommy. there are some beautiful sellers out there, making such beautiful things. i can't help but share!

i love you!