Thursday, February 17, 2011

my first project

well, technically this is not my first weaving project, but it is my first project on my very own rigid heddle loom!! how excited am i?

my first project will be placemats!

choosing the yarn is so satisfying. the coral yarn i dyed myself, and the lime green will both be used for the warp, and the deep plum will be the weft.

winding the warp (left). [[i would really love to get into the entire process of weaving, but i will gladly let Wikipedia do it for me!]]

the warp is all ready to go! (right)

with a little help from my husband, the warp is on the loom, only one more thing to do before i can start weaving!

and that's tying on. let's weave!!

it has definitely been a learning process, but i am so in love with it. i don't even want to get into how many times i had to undo what i was doing and start over, but i had enough yarn and the color combination is really nice. i started weaving this past weekend and it's been trial and error. i'm sure it will just take a little bit for me to get my rhythm back.

i'm not too crazy happy about these edges, but i'll get it right.

more updates soon!


Ruth said...

How amazing is it that you're weaving in your apartment in NYC!?

Is that kool-aid dyed coral?

They're going to be gorgeous placemats. Will they be washable in the machine, do you think? Or will you hand wash. I can see you now slapping Brian if he spills a little dribble of food. :D

Ginnie said...

LOL at Ruth about you slapping Brian if he dribbles food. :D I love how creative you are, Lesley, and am totally confident of all your rhythms!

lesleyanne said...

i know, Mom, i can't believe that i'm weaving again!! never thought that would happen.

yes, i dyed the coral yarn with kool-aid!! i kept the recipe so that i can reproduce it anytime. i think it's one of my favorite colors!

hahaha, that's hilarious about slapping Brian! depending on how these turn out, i think i'm going to sell them. we shall see! but yes, i am going to embellish them so they will need to be hand-washed. :)

lesleyanne said...

Aunt Boots, thank you for all your support!! love you and miss you!

rauf said...

is it noisy Lesley ? Do the neighbours object ? Small loom shouldn't be noisy i think.

i am glad you are doing what you love doing. This slows down the aging process. You will be young for a long long time Lesley.

i'll inform you when i post the handloom pictures, silk and cotton. Its been pending for a very long time. i am lazy and i am not as active as mom in blogging responding to comments and all.

hope you and Brian are doing fine, i know you are a happy girl Lesley.

Colby said...

Not related to your post, but related to textiles:

Love, Rachel

Mrs. SwedeHart said...

Sorry that was me- didn't realize Colby was logged into my computer...