Sunday, July 8, 2007

fabric earrings

hot weather makes lesley a motivated girl.

spent a lot of this weekend indoors, making new things, sketching new ideas. sometimes it's difficult for me to be motivated in the summertime, what with all the outdoor activities, hanging out with friends, grilling, etc.

so i had a bit of an anti-social weekend, except for spending some time with my gentleman friend, multi-tasking like nothing else. i couldn't make up my mind! i have a knitting project that i just adore right now. for my friend K who may be leaving for Ireland for a few months in September. now i say 'may' becuz she may NOT end up going. but even if she doesn't go, she still needs a scarf to keep her warm.

[photo: lacey scarf for K, knit with yarn dyed with Koolaid. cherry blast for your neck! this same yarn was for sale on my Etsy site for awhile, bit i decided to put it to good use. the pattern was taken from the book you see, The New Knitting Stitch Library by a woman with my same first name. brilliant. you can also see my little stitch counter. very useful.]

after looking through the Etsy site for awhile, comparing my ideas to what's already out there [also very useful and inspiring], got some great ideas and started sketching/making. didn't get too far, but came up with these!!

fabric earrings dangling from my ears! 2 layers of fabric sewn together, and then quilted-like with a machine-stitched graffiti blossom. added an eyelet for a finished touch, and voila! instant earring! i'll keep these for myself and make some more elaborate ones to sell.

front and back of my new pretties.

making has been a bit difficult for me lately, as i jammed my middle finger on my right hand rock climbing a couple months ago [i am right handed, doh!]. so i've finally decided to keep it in a brace permanently for at least 2 weeks. this is a bit counter-productive for me, and makes it hard to knit, sew, can probably imagine.

and now to teach myself how to knit continental style. thank you YouTube! be sure to check out this tutorial if you'd like to try out a new way of knitting. they say this is better for those of you with arthritis [mama! i'm not sure about carpel tunnel, but it may be worth a shot!]


Rauf said...

Fabric ear rings are cool and its a good idea, light weight.

Your work says you are always a motivated girl Lesley !

My English is no good, here in India 'anti social' means criminal and troublesome kind. Like the 'mob'

news headlines
'office damaged by anti social elements'

My mom used to knit diamond and snakes, i liked diamonds most. Now winter seems to have disappeared.

Ruth said...

Dear daughter, what an imaginative idea! They are so pretty and sweet, like you. I want to hear about people's comments when they see them and say something, please! Since they're one of a kind, they will catch people's eye.

It's a good idea to create things inside where it's cool.

We missed you SOOOOOOOOOOO much at Hukilau. We needed you and your light spirit there with us. I posted photos at Synchronizing!

Ruth said...

I have to come back and say I love the top two photos especially. The top one could be an ad for a knitting book. And in the other you look so pretty. :)

lesleyanne said...

thank you Rauf! what a nice thing to say. i think i often put too much pressure on myself.
anti-social! i am most definitely not in that sense. :) maybe i meant...more introverted. i love my alone time.
i must teach myself to knit diamonds now.

lesleyanne said...

thank you mamma, i missed you all at Hukilau. so difficult for me to be so far away.
and thank you for your kind words, as always.
i love you so much. thank you for always being a strong spirit in my life and in my heart. i can always feel you close to me.

Ruth said...

Sweet daughter, you are always with me.

But now I want to hug you!!! You are the cuddliest girl!!!!

Mrs. M. said...

Hi cuz! What did you do on the 4th? Fireworks in The Big City?

Emma talked about learning to knit this summer to make a blanket for Katy, but she didn't know how--when she gets up I'll show her the YouTube!

btw, she'll be in NJ (Ocean City) July 19 - August 6. Laura joins her July 30 til the same day. They would love to see you!

belle said...

hello mow!

I swear..everytime I look at your blog I see new things you have created. They are brilliant! I think I should get my ears pierced just so I can where the puzzle pieces AND those pretty "graffiti" roses. I like all the knitting AND the tees.

I miss you. and love talking to you. thank you for always being there and making me laugh.
hopefully we will see eachother someday soon!

much love love love
now say "watch it" pronounced "waaaytcheett!!"

belle said...

uhhh.. not that it's a big deal...

where = wear


Ginnie said...

You are soooo creative, Lesley, as we all know. In this pic of you I really see your mamma!!

Are you going to Farm Day????

Ruth said...

I forgot to ask how your jammed finger is? Is it on your right hand? Do you wear the brace to work?

Have you set a moving day for your office? I forgot what street you're moving to.