Saturday, July 21, 2007


it all began last weekend
seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the theater.
of course my obsession returns.
all craftiness in me is geared towards this. transferring my energy.

so to distract myself, i took a walk in Washington Square Park. Sunday (July 15) was the perfect day for a movie. no, not Harry Potter (saw that last Saturday). but Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman, at the Film Forum in the West Village. i decided to venture into Manhattan a bit early to wander, since i don't do that enough.

(photo: fountain at Washington Square Park)

Washington Square Park is just wonderful. full of tourists and city-dwellers alike. chess players enjoying the heat, children playing in the fountain. steps leading to the fountain create a haven for visitors relaxing, dipping their hot feet into the cool water.

children cooling off in the pool. i watched them for quite awhile. they're having the most interesting conversation. i wonder what they're talking about.

the fountain of youth, a drinking fountain in the park. i feel younger and younger wandering around this city. so much to see. so much to learn. about myself. about life. about other people. society.

after wandering around for a few hours, it was off to meet my friends (Carmina and Ina [[EEEEna]] from the business women's meeting i used to attend) for a cold drink at the Grey Dog Coffee on Carmine Street, right around the corner from the Film Forum. a very quaint cafe, serving delicious sandwiches and coffee and tea. pictured above, the brick walls are lined with paintings of dogs, Walter's Dogs. We caught up (since i hadn't seen these ladies for a few months), brilliant conversations about business.

the film was quite long, but an eye-opener. a bit. definitely directed toward the single woman living in New York City. it really could be applied to single women everywhere, but it was worth watching. i did learn a bit about myself, and maybe a bit about my friends. the world is so different now, isn't it? the role of the woman has changed. for the better i think. it's just a matter of really going after what you want.

(photo: i am enjoying a lovely conversation with Carmina and Ina on the bench outside of the Grey Dog)


so the whole point of this entry.


went to a party tonight in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with my friend K. she and her husband own a bar right across the street from this small hole-in-the-wall bookstore. they had a nice party, with a trivia game, free food, sangria, and then sold the book at 12:01. i was in Hufflepuff house for the trivia game, and we tied with Ravenclaw! the two houses LEAST represented in the books!!!! bloody brilliant.

receiving my book in the mail in less than 12 hours.



Ginnie said...

When we get home from A'dam next week, Lesley, THE BOOK should be in our mail, pre-ordered from Amazon. I can hardly wait to read it. (Haven't even read the spoilers yet!)

We'll have to talk about it when we meet you in August!! That's SOON.

Loved this post. We'll have to talk about the Flying movie as well!

Ruth said...

The photos are so great, especially the kids in the fountain, and you at the end! You're so sweet, little girl. I miss you so much, started to cry when I saw you there laughing with your friends. August 10, hurry up!

Yes, we were at Harper's last night, and Dad and Peter couldn't stop talking about HP and all their theories. Dad went to the Mason Meijer to buy his at midnight, Peter and Caitlin went to Barnes & Noble. What a phenomenon. I still don't remember what happened in what book. So strange how none of the facts stick in my brain. I should reread them all and then you can give me a quiz. Dad read for a while when he got home after buying the book, but it didn't last long. I think he'll have it done before I leave Monday, so I can take it with me and read on the plane.

The doggie wall is adorable. Thank you for showing a few snapshots of your life this week.

I will talk with you soon.

Rauf said...

Love the picture of children at the fountain.
No Harry potter, though Indian children are not behind. Honestly don't know what it is. i don't know if Harry is a potter by profession. Never watched any movie too.

Rauf said...

Lesley, one request.
Please enquire where 'screen printing ink' is available.
Printing press people would know.
Here we have exclusive shops for screen printing material. You'll have to ask old timers.

lesleyanne said...

so have you two read it aunt boots??!! can't wait to discuss all next week! i'm almost ready to read it again.
next week next week!! :)

lesleyanne said...

yes, i will have to quiz you next week when i see you mamma. i'll try to write some key difficult questions down. here's a teaser.

what is the name of Hermione's cat?

did i ask you that already? hm. you're coming back from Ireland soon. [i always take so long to respond to my comments]

come to new york again soon! there's so much more i want to show you now.
i love you.

lesleyanne said...

harry should definitely be a potter by profession, Rauf. that would be the best! i'm sure that's where his surname originates. don't know if it's something you would enjoy. it's entertaining, to say the least! a lot of Indian children like it?

i've been thinking about screen printing for quite some time actually! funny that you mention it. local art supply stores do sell some paint, but it's nothing like the pigment i could get my hands on in school. there must be beautiful colors in India. i will go there someday and see for myself. and visit you of course.