Monday, September 3, 2007

threads for dreads

hello again!

labor day weekend come and gone
and here i am in my apartment, finally with internet flowing through my sparkly clean computer.
thanks to my wonderful and able C, my roommate and i have internet, stress-free.

i am currently milking a weird cold/allergy thing goin on. but was still able to paint my studio!
after a mini-adventure last weekend to the Depot (Home that is), i found 5 quarts of unwanted paint, all different colors ($1 each!!!). 4 for the walls, and 1 for the trim (semi-gloss of course). excitement ensued as i imagined this tiny little guest bedroom/studio (of mine!) in pastel blues and greens. how bright it was in my mind.

after 2 days of pretty intense labor (pun intended), it's done! i am so happy.

walls 1 and 2. the shelves were there, i like them so much. decided to keep them. i took these photos just tonight, so they're a bit yellow with the incandescent light. it's difficult to take good photos during the day, with the light pouring in the window. so yes, you can see wall 1 is a nice light olive, while wall 2 is more blue/green. the trim is a light sea foam green. the lacey curtain you see courtesy of my roommate J.

walls 2 and 3. wall 3 is very similar in color to wall 1, just a little lighter.

walls 3 and 4. looove that blue wall. another cute shelf for goodies. weird thing, as much as i love color, i'm becoming somewhat of a minimalist. my parents are going through a lot of their stuff, and becuz i moved here on such short notice i ended up leaving a lot of my stuff there. the more i think about it, the more i just want to give away or throw out. in the year i've been out here in NYC, i've barely acquired anything. all my belongings still fit into one room.


later this week.
buy some work tables for my studio. (2) 4' x 2' folding tables. very useful when we have guests over and can fold up for sleeping room. J and i are going to pitch in together and get an inflatable mattress for such occasions.

on this note. goodnight.


Ruth said...

Oh! I didn't come here Tuesday, so I didn't know you had a new post, my daughter. I'm so happy.

The pics of you, and you and Chris, are way cute. :D

But the room! Oh, I'm SO glad you posted the walls. The colors are scrumptious, and even better because you used discarded paint, and so very inexpensive. That must be very satisfying. The lace curtain is perfect, I think, because it enhances and doesn't detract from the colors, same with the shelves. Very nice continuity going on there.

I hope this will be an inspiration to you and your creative expressions.

Sweet girl, we'll figure out our "stuff" - yours, mine and ours. Good that you don't want a lot. Me too.

Happy days.

Rauf said...

good mood creating colours Lesley. i don't like very dark colours inside, fine outside. i have some reasons. with my poor fading vision i have to spot insects or ants creeping, not possible with dark background, the bed spreads too have to be in pastel colours, i prefer only white.. i spotted a scorpion in the huge room i stayed in the forest which was crawling from lighter tiles in the toilet to darker tiles on the floor of the room. No kindness. i stamped on it before it entered the darker tiles.
you are in NY, no such worries, but bugs and insects invade anywhere.

lesleyanne said...

i'm so glad you love the colors! i only wish you could see them in person mammas. all in good time. i'm very happy with it as well, and can't wait to finish it. it's already begun many inspiring thoughts, which i'm about to write about!
how lovely for us both to have a haven to run away to.

lesleyanne said...

i agree with you Rauf, i love light bright colors in interiors. yes yes, we can have insect creepy crawly problems here as well. thank goodness for light wood floors. eek! i can't even imagine smashing a scorpion! does that bring bad luck?

Ginnie said...

Yay for finding good stuff cheap and for the creative energies being put to such good use, Lesley!

And how cute is that pic of you and Chris. Please say HI to him from Donica and me! :)

Raw Kale said...

I am a minimalist as well, but as of late, I find myself collecting little specimens from my hikes and I am loving the exotic feel it gives to my studio to be surrounded by shells, sand, leaves, moss, nut shells and more. I am going to look up the club you just joined and see if there is one around here.

lesleyanne said...

yay Aunt Boots! i love being a thrifty fixer-upper. nothing more satisfying than that.

and yes, will do! he sends his greetings to you as well.

lesleyanne said...

raw kale! thank you for visiting! i agree, we all find inspiration in many things, and whatever you can find to surround yourself with, i say it's only giving you more creative energy!

my studio is one thing, but my bedroom has been crowded with all of my belongings, including my computer, my crafty materials, etc. for too long. bad energy! that is definitely where i want to be more minimal with my living.

you're a knitter as well? where do you knit? i think there are SnB's all over the world, so i hope you can find one! i'll look up your blog right now. good luck!

lesleyanne said...

haha, Rachel. i'm laughing at my comment to you becuz i didn't realize it was you! you're in Phoenix, or Tuscon? i can't remember...i'm sure there is one. just click on the link i left on my blog and it'll take you to the main site.

good luck with your Yoga open house!!! i can't wait to hear all about it.

Raw Kale said...

Oh gosh! Sorry, I didn't mean to fool you:) I have noticed since I have used the raw kale name, my family members speak to me as a distant acquaintance sometimes.

Thanks for coming to visit my blog:)

I'll check out the link.