Thursday, March 13, 2008

dear etsy

i am distracted at work today
fighting off illness with airborne and checking the Treasury at Etsy.

i love it when i see a little yellow star next to one! that means that an item from my shop is featured.

you can see my GreenBlossom tee there on the left! treasuries are wonderful little showcases that any Etsy member can put together. i have never done one, they are difficult to grab. a lot of these treasuries can make it to the front page! which is great exposure. the member who put this treasury together is actually one of my favorites on Etsy, what an honor! Salt and Paper, a beautiful shop located in Brooklyn. she specializes in jewelry, especially jewelry made from polymer clay. gorgeous, and very original. i was eyeing these buttons for a long time...maybe i'll have to make a custom order.

more to come soon! i'm thinking about starting an "Artist Feature" section of my blog, where maybe once or twice a month i feature a favorite artist.


Ruth said...

Yay! on the featured tshirt! I love etsy and how artists promote one another.

Is salt and paper where you got some jewelry? Those buttons are AAWWESSOME. I don't see how much they cost (maybe because they're sold already?).

Ginnie said...

You can pop all your own buttons with pride...and then makes some new ones, Lesley! :)

Just think! We'll be seeing you in 4 more days! I'll tell you what I plan to do to meet you at the airport....

lesleyanne said...

mommy! yes, i love that about Etsy too. it's such a great community. and yes, those buttons were sold! i was eyeing them for awhile. i looooove her work so much!

aunt boots! can't wait to see you in less than a day!!!