Tuesday, March 4, 2008

another sale, another knit night

a successful knit night! thanks to Mo in my knitting circle, we went to the cutest cafe near Union Square, called 71 Irving (good mention of it in this blog). it's actually right around the corner from The Player's Club, where my cousin Nate married his wife Nancy...actually where they had their reception. same difference. it brought me full circle to my first visit to this big and gorgeous city. a young woman even approached us and said how jealous she was because she loves to knit but has no friends to knit with! so we invited her to join our circle. what a friendly place. i think we found our venue!!

i am so looking forward to my next yarn dying party! Spring Fever!! i'll have lots of photos to share. i'm actually holding it the weekend before Chris and i leave for Amsterdam! exciting times. i am so looking forward to some serious time off, traveling through Europe, and seeing my lovely Aunts Bootsie and Donica. who are so amazing and letting us stay with them!!

in other news, another Etsy sale has me tickled!

an Oklahoma resident took a fancy to these beauties and took them off my hands. i love it when other people enjoy the odd and the weird and the funky. which prompted me to list another pair...similar but different.


sometimes i feel like i need to hire a marketing person. the amount of time i spend every week is getting to be a bit much. but i love it. i've joined a new group called Indiepublic, where crafters and buyers alike can advertise and see what else is out there! it's a great way to connect with people and see what other interesting things are being made. my site is: here.

also, my dad just started his own blog! i'm so excited for him. my parents live on a farm, and are finally going to have some animals (besides Bishop the barn cat) roaming the fields! check it out, A View from the Green Barn. he's going to raise chickens! i will hopefully be traveling there for Memorial Day weekend to help my dad build the chicken coop out in their big green barn. and meet the new babies of course. it's funny, i only ever lived at this farmhouse for 3 weeks before moving to NYC, but i feel so at home here.


Ruth said...

Oh good, you found a homey place for knit group and already invited someone new! Why is it so possible in NYC to be this social (compared to here)? I mean I know it's POSSible here. But you know what I mean. Maybe I mean more probable.

So someone out there will be wearing a cowboy and an Indian, and the cowboy will be shooting through her head! :D I love being NOT PC.

Can't wait until you come home, sweet daughter. I love you.

Ginnie said...

And now that we have just arrived here in AMS, Lesley, we can now count the days before you and Chris arrive. YAY. Let's hope you get some nice sunshine for at least some/most of the time!!

lesleyanne said...

yes! it was good mamma, that we found a place. it's just amazing to live in such a social city, seeing all the people who live around me constantly, going about their daily lives. and also it's strange that some look familiar, yet some are still just faces in the crowd.

aunt boots! can't wait to see you and Donica next week! i hope we get some sunshine too. we've had so much here, i hope it just moves on over to Europe! following us....so excited!!