Monday, December 15, 2008


i've been reading the "His Dark Materials" trilogy, by Phillip Pullman.

i'm in the middle of The Subtle Knife right now, actually, i'm almost finished with it. but since i started, i've almost been obsessed with thinking of what my daemon would be. the animal entity of my soul, living outside my body. he talks to me, and reads my thoughts.

after weeks of pondering and discussing with brian, i've realized this is what my daemon would be.

brian would be this.
an owl. (photo courtesy of
how wise and philosopher-like of him.

can you imagine a giant cat-like creature and an owl crawling around our little apartment??

what would your daemon be? read about


Ruth said...

Mommy = tern

Papa = silver fox

Peter = red fox

lesleyanne said...


Ginnie said...

If the daemon is the same as what the Native Americans call their Animal Guide, Lesley, mine would be the wolf. I love the concept! And if you saw the Golden Compass, you'd see how wonderfully it works.