Friday, December 12, 2008

merry christmas and happy new year

we decorated our first christmas tree tonight.

we almost didn't get one. but i couldn't resist the small, white 3' tree.

the "yard" tree. as brian calls it.

our first ornaments. matching chuck taylors. brian's is black (like the pair he wears on his feet). mine is white.

and we even made a little star out of copper wire. maybe next year we'll have one that glows too. like the twinkle lights.

merry christmas. we'll be in michigan soon.


Donica said...

what a wonderful idea! Sorry we will miss you in Michigan...have a great time! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to both of you!!

Ruth said...

pink glow pink glow! i was so happy to see a new post!

what a sweet tree, and the chucks cracked me up. the star is wonderful!

"michigan soon" - thems are lovely words.

Don said...

marry christmas!

I love your yard tree. It looks happy and cozy.

Michigan soon is a good pair of words, to go with a good pair of shoes, my first b-ball shoes were CT's black high tops of course

Julia said...

sweet tree to represent sweet hearts (notice how I separated those two words). I miss you with an ache this time of year but hold you both in my heart. mom/juls

lesleyanne said...

thank you to all!! we are so excited to be in Michigan in a week! crossing my fingers that i'll make it to Texas too. :)

Anonymous said...

Your tree is beautiful.
Where in the world did you find the chuck taylor ornaments?

Ginnie said...

Too-too cute, Lesley. You and Brian will never forget this first Christmas. :) I'm so sorry we'll miss you this year but at least I'll get to share some of the coziness with your mom and dad. I suddenly have tears of joy in my eyes!