Tuesday, September 1, 2009


since getting back from the wedding and honeymoon, my main focus has been organizing our home and especially my studio space. i feel that when my space is completely organized, and i have a place for everything, i will really be able to start making again. in the meantime, i am trying to find some unique websites and craft marketplaces! there are so many out there, it's really a matter of which ones are right for ME and my crafts.

my shoppe has been on the back burner for almost a year, since we were engaged last August, and i am ready to start making some new things to sell. i have confidence that once i have some new goodies, things will start to pick back up again!

a few of the marketplaces and social networks i've found are ArtFire, Indiepublic, and of course, Etsy. ArtFire is brand new for me, through which i've found Handmade News, which looks to be a great resource for crafters all over the world! even though i've just started, Twitter seems to be a great place to market.

blogging is also a great way to market, which is definitely high on my list. new ideas, new trends, special artists that i fall in love with, great ways to organize my studio, new knitting projects. there are so many possibilities. i can't wait to start marketing myself more, and meeting new crafters out there!

New York is a great place to be, there are so many resources. in my spare time, i hope to really take advantage of them.


Ruth said...

Excellent. Also, blogs are great for inspiration. :)

Jean said...

ok - if you could see my space this comment would make you laugh, but I generally feel that the less junk i have in my space, the more junk i can clear from my mind, thus enabling me to be more creative and more expressive. this is NOT the case with my house, which is comfy and full of tchotchkes and things to be done, which occassionally (ok, often) spill into my creative space. Kudos to you for the discipline to be organized, and good luck getting things going again.


lesleyanne said...

Mom: definitely, i'm hoping to find a lot more inspirational blogs out there, and you have turned me on to some great ones as well!

Jean: welcome!! so glad to see you at my blog! i see that you are also following my dad's blog, "A View from the Green Barn", excellent! being organized can be really tough, i totally know what you're saying! for me, it's all about finding great storage and shelving for all my supplies, and a beautiful studio, which i'm lucky enough to have! thank you for visiting, and good luck to you as well! i'm going to check out your blog a bit more now.