Wednesday, September 30, 2009

falling into autumn

autumn brings such warm feelings to my soul.
i feel re-born, the cool air and crispness, the leaves changing into such brilliant colors, everything is an inspiration to me.
the past weekend brought some cool weather, and so i spent a lot of time in my studio, cleaning, organizing, and actually crafting!

i have a lot of old sweaters that i don't wear anymore, so instead of donating them (again...i bought all these old sweaters from thrift stores), i am making them into shiny new things! i am keeping this one going, one of my best-selling items: leg warmers.

these are bright red cabled leg warmers, with a light Graffiti blossom applied to the top for a feminine touch. The blossom is embellished with bright yellow thread, and a vintage button, compliments of my Aunt Sally and cousin Lauren, who graciously sent me boxes and boxes of amazing vintage buttons, ribbon and fabric!!!

i've sold two pairs similar to these, but all have been one of a kind. what makes these interesting is that they are actually made from the sleeve of the sweater! the way the sleeve bells at the shoulder makes for the perfect bell at the top of your favorite pair of maryjanes.

close up of the embellishments. i just love the buttons, i have never seen anything like them.

in other news...

i have started a list of "Things to be Happy". basically made up of random things to start, new projects, or just plain fun things to do. here are a few of them:

-new knitting projects - i've currently started a test of making a cowl
-using our NEW CAR (it's actually my brother's car that he's loaning to us while he's in Hawaii on another cruise) to visit apple orchards and pumpkin patches
-learning new recipes - i'm currently obsessed with Fresh Direct, which has some recipes from different cookbooks and magazines! we order our food from them sometimes, as it's a pain to drag our cart full of groceries 5-6 blocks once or twice a week. can't WAIT to have a car!!
-decorate our apartment for the holidays!

what are your lists of fun things to do?

also in other news, i finally went and stood in line for an hour at the Social Security office to change my name to Robinson! not my first name...although that would be an interesting one!

stay tuned for more updates!!


Ruth said...

Oh those are very pretty leg warmers.

It's cool how autumn inspires you, especially coming after the wedding!

So now you are 100% Mrs. Robinson! :D

But yes that would also be a cute first name!

So sweet picturing you two going to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch in the Ion.

lesleyanne said...

thank you, mommy! yes, we are so excited to see Peter next week and get his car for awhile. YAY!!

SwedeHart said...

Hi Lesley! Once again, your craftiness inspires me to use my old buttons. One of my neighbors is a jeweler, and she had me over a couple weeks ago to make jewelry, and it was a blast. Lots of love to the newlyweds, myself included;D

lesleyanne said...

Hi Rachel!!
are you married now?? congrats!! definitely use those old buttons, they can be used for so many things! i'm hoping to post a tutorial on my felt ornaments, so keep an eye out!! :)