Thursday, October 22, 2009

lace and felt

inspiration for the weekend.

vintage lace (image found on Google). i have piles of vintage lace in my collection now, including lace ribbon.

recycled felt (photo by Feltorama). this stack of gorgeous colors is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, with the look and feel of felt. and is currently sitting in my studio, just waiting to be made into ornaments and jewelry. Felt-o-rama is a new find for me, and i am ecstatic to have found a supplier who sells recycled felt! more on that later.

combining the two. the possibilities are endless.


Ruth said...

YUMS. I know you will make LOVElies and will post them here for me to see.

lesleyanne said...

thank you my mommy! yes, i hope to post some this weekend!! i've been taking some progress photos of my ornaments, hoping to produce a lot this weekend.