Monday, November 30, 2009

how i named my blog

so my mom has quite an amazing blog, which she calls "Synch-ro-ni-zing". she writes about many different things, like her poetry, her photography, her politics, her likes and her dislikes. she is the most incredible woman i know.

a few weeks ago, she posted a not-so-contest contest on her blog, asking her followers to write about how they named their blogs! "How I Named My Blog". so here i am, telling my story.

Pink Graffiti.

remembering. flipping through my sketch book. i found something.

about 2 years ago, i was starting up my Etsy shoppe, my business, my craft. i wanted a name, something different, something that had meaning to my life, to my work. but i also wanted something that was significant for me. at the time, this was back in 2007, i was meeting with a small group of women. we all wanted to be business women, entrepreneurs, mogulettes. they helped me to brainstorm ideas and thoughts.

i was really loving a poem that my mom had written about me, called Pink Grapefruit. inspired from a hat i knit from yarn i dyed from Kool-aid (which you can see in this post). the poem is so beautiful, and it inspired me to name my shoppe! PINK is such a rich color. it can be so stereo-typed, but used in the right context, it can lose its meaning completely. Pink Grapefruit, although a lovely name for a color of yarn, or a meaningful poem, was a bit too descriptive to name my craft shoppe.

but the words were so seamless. there was something about that combination. the sounds of the words together, the syllables playing off each other. [grapefruit photo from Google]

when i was living in Detroit while going to school, i was always fascinated by the constant graffiti i saw on every building, some magically artistic, some amateur. i started thinking about my work as graffiti, embellishing something that is already there, already has a life of its own. giving it new life. new meaning. i think graffiti is that for some people. their stamp, their trademark. something to remember them by.

Pink Graffiti.

the pink no longer holds any meaning. i look at the two words as a whole. representing my work. [photo from Google = literal representation]

my graffiti.

[i wonder if i ever told you any of that, mammas.]

i would love to hear how you named yours! leave it as a comment or give me a link to your blog post about it!


Ruth said...

I think I've heard bits and pieces of it, daughter. It is quite lovely to read it here as a whole piece, makes me very happy. You are so pink grapefruit, and pink graffiti. You have transformed PINK for moi into a unique shade of looking at the world that started the day you came out, looking around you, taking it all in. I am inspired by you steadily. Sometimes I can't believe I gave birth to you. We are so different! Yet so connected. I love you.

Peter said...

Wonderful to read this, with the love messages between mother and daughter!

Barry said...

So your blog title is part inspiration and part evolution and all perfection!

lesleyanne said...

oh mommy, thank you for your comment! i am also very inspired by you and all you do with your life, it's quite amazing. we are woven differently, but we come from the same thread. :)

lesleyanne said...

Peter, thank you for your visit! I will visit your blog to see how you named yours as well.

lesleyanne said...

Barry, thank you for visiting!! I like your interpretation, very much. Time to visit your blog! :)

shoreacres said...

lesleyanne ~

What fun to read about your pink grapefruit, and your craft and your blog, all in one place. And the hat is quite fine, too!

I feel like I know you just a little because of your mother's blog, and also Ginnie's. The photo of you in the boat at your wedding is one of the best pictures I've ever seen - maybe the best wedding picture ever. It made me think of the Owl and the Pussycat, putting to sea together.

Isn't it funny, this internet? I come to your wedding and listen to Peter and Meridian and even admire those chickens and Bishop, and we've never even met. What a world we live in!

Now I have to go read more. Because I'm getting old, I have to spend more time where you young ones are - I wouldn't want to begin creaking!

Ruth said...

I like how "pink" is = to "my"! That makes total sense. Mmmm.

How nice to see my dear friends Peter, Barry and Linda visit you here. That really touches me.

And hey, Linda is from your MIL's neck of the woods. :)

lesleyanne said...

Hi Linda, aka shoreacres! Thank you for visiting my blog! It's really amazing, the internet. I feel like I've met so many people I would never have otherwise.

Enjoy! I will visit your blog now. :)

lesleyanne said...

Hi mommy again! Thank you for sending your lovely friends my way, it is so nice having visitors.

And Linda is in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! How nice! What's the weather like down there?

Linda said...

I am Linda from Ontario and I am married to Barry. I came by today because I ran out of time yesterday. I am catching up. I am so touched by the mother/daughter communications flowing through here. It glows softly and warmly like the color pink. It is also rich in all of it's hues. Thank you for sharing this story. I really enjoyed my visit.=D

lesleyanne said...

Hello Linda! Thank you for visiting my blog! It means so much to me. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit! I will definitely be visiting your blog as well!

Happy holidays!

Ginnie said...

Oh how fun to find out how your blog came to be named, Lesley! Your mamams came up with quite a nice idea, didn't she! Maybe one day I will follow suit. It's never too late for anything, as we know!

lesleyanne said...

Hi Aunt Bootsie!! So nice to see you back at my blog! I will definitely start following your blog much more, to keep up on what you're doing over there in Holland!! You must be so happy!! :)

sweet and dirty said...

i love reading how people named their shops, blogs, etc! so fun!

lesleyanne said...

Hi Logan! Thank you for visiting! I would love to read a blog entry about how you named your blog and shop! We got a little background from your interview. :)