Wednesday, November 4, 2009

so little time

i have so many ideas in my head, but not enough time in the day to accomplish.
my shoppe feeling buried lately, trying to get my head above water.
spending more time online than in my studio! but i have found some useful tools.

Unique Art Pendants, a very cool Etsy seller, posted a thread on the Etsy forums, very helpful! very long, but so inspiring. at the time she had her 2,000 sale, quite amazing really. she has some great advice for Etsy sellers especially, but it could apply for any crafter or business person out there, trying to get recognized in an endless sea of shops.

Etsy has really become quite overwhelmingly huge. with over 200,000 shops, you can read this blog for more statistics. Timothy Adam is an amazing artist, who sells on quite a few online marketplaces, but he also has a huge following on his blog! he has Etsy tips galore, and i have started reading his blog quite regularly for advice.

i wish all Etsy sellers luck, it is a tough world out there right now to be selling handmade, but i know a lot of sellers are still doing very well.


in other news, i am still getting lots of inspiration at work! since college, i have been following a company called Material Connexion, a library of innovative materials for architects, designers, and more. they are based all over the world, but the only physical library in the U.S. is right here in New York! they hosted an event tonight, called Bits and Pieces, which showcased a traveling display that incorporated the digital age with modern design. i invited my co-workers, and my boss even wanted to go! i've been chirping in her ear for over a year about this company, and she finally showed some interest! let's hope we can use this resource more often.


curling up with a blanket on the sofa, watching the Yankees game. tomorrow we see Ricky Gervais at Carnegie Hall.


Ruth said...

Yes, sweet girl, you can only keep up so far. You have a hectic job! But that event sounds cool, how was it?

And Ricky Gervais tonight???? Awesome!! I would love to hear him live.

lesleyanne said...

the event was great!! learned a lot, and hope to go back there soon. such beautiful and interesting products and fabrics!

yes, we are sooo looking forward to it tonight!! tell you all about it. happy thursday!!