Sunday, April 8, 2007

daffodils and forsythia

i spent this holiday Sunday in Central Park.
this was part experiment, part exercise, part urge to be among nature.

despite the bitter almost freezing cold, the flowers marking the beginning of spring still manage to show their faces.

2.5 hours of walking later, here i am trying to keep warm in my apartment, wishing the weather was a bit more forgiving so i could still be out there reading my newly borrowed book.

forsythia for my parents. it's their 29th wedding anniversary today. how i'm so happy you two found each other.


rachel said...

Happy Eastre! What a way to spend the day- embracing nature. Brrr!

Ruth said...

Thank you for the yellow blossoms! These photos are encouraging, that spring is really coming and actually here. Our daffodils are lying on their sides in the cold!

So what was the experiment part of the day yesterday? :)

What are you reading?

lesleyanne said...

Happy Easter Rachel! hope you had a nice holiday.

[this is my cousin Rachel, correct?]

lesleyanne said...

you're welcome mommy!

i know, it was so nice walking among blossoms yesterday. i'm sure not having any snow has kept the blooming happy.

the experiment was to see if i really could hike around for hours and hours and be alright, as long as i had food and water. i felt completely normal. munching and walking, walking and munching. imagine that!

i think i might cut coffee out of my diet as well. just drink tea.

i'm reading, "How the Universe Got its Spots, by Janna Levin. it's a diary this woman kept, she's a genius. explains the theory of relativity, infinity and so many more aspects of physics that i'm so interested in, in complete lamen's terms. i wonder if you'd be interested in this....

have a wonderful day! i hope it's warmer in your part of the world.
i love you.

Ginnie said...

Ohhhh. How did I not know it was Don and Ruth's anniversary yesterday!!!! Happy anniversary, belated, Don and Ruth!

Do you think things will be warmed up in NYC when we get there in a couple more weeks, Lesley??

We'll have so much to talk about. Can hardly wait....

Don said...

I love the photo of the walkway in the park, it makes me want to walk on it! I'm looking forward to 29 more!

lesleyanne said...

i think it's supposed to be in the 60's next weekend!!! i can only hope it's as beautiful as it was today. the sun needs to be shining, and everything wonderful when you're here. :)

can't wait too!

lesleyanne said...

when are you visiting papa? i'll take you there!!

mystic rose said...

lovely pics!

also i was reading your other posts, didnt know you were into designing clothes and accessories! :) i shd check etsy out.