Thursday, April 5, 2007

lamp post

this photo was taken a few weeks ago, when the weather was beautiful and it really felt like spring was here.

this weather i wish for with all my heart.
blue skies.
warm sunshine.
birds singing.

i was walking around Forest Hills, a neighborhood in my burough of Queens. at the end of R line, which i take to work everyday [towards Manhattan of course]. it has quite the strip of shopping. a range of stores, from Barnes and Noble Booksellers, to Banana Republic, to Diesel, to the smaller boutiques selling one-of-a-kind items.

also a stop on the LIRR [Long Island Rail Road]. the Tudor-style architecture drew me in. these photos were all taken within steps of the train station. you will notice the lamp posts, the beautiful brick and terra cotta rooftops.

this clocktower is under some renovation. apparently. i like to think it was some sort of art statement, wrapping it in this mesh fabric.

walking under the bridge where the train passes over. you can tell it had been cold. the icicles were all melting.

i leave you with this cobble stone street.


Ruth said...

So I think I have this straight. You don't get on at the end of the line, right? You just rode it to look around? These are beautiful views and photos! Quite gentrified. Not how I picture Queens! :) Soon Queens will be the new Brooklyn?

15 more days!!! :D

lesleyanne said...

yes, i actually met up with C there, as i had never been there! if i were to take the R directly there, it would be 9 stops. but i usually take the express there. so much faster.
i know, Queens is just so beautiful. it's a treasure. i have a fear that Queens will be found out. and all the affordable housing will become like Williamsburg [Brooklyn], all the rich hipsters will move out here, and the charm will disappear.
a girl can always hope that doesn't happen!

less than 2 weeks!!!

Ginnie said...

How did I miss this one! Do I get to count days with you? :) Now it's 10.