Saturday, April 14, 2007

buttons in Etsy

a lake in the middle of Central Park from my excursion last weekend.

New York was beautiful today. i couldn't stay inside for long. i took Puch out for a ride and ended up on Roosevelt Island, an island in the middle of the East River. there's a river walk that goes completely around the island, with views of Queens and Manhattan. directly underneath the Queensborough Bridge. so close i could see the rust on the steel beams of the bridge.

i was aching to get outside so badly that i forgot my camera.

i am ready to graduate to the next bicycle. i'm sorry to say it, but Puch is a bit too heavy and difficult to ride for me now, for the kind of riding i want to do. we're all in agreement then? good. maybe i can trade it for something a bit lighter. i wonder if the boys in Brooklyn would have something.


new earrings in Etsy!

all of a sudden i wanted to make jewelry.
a gal on Etsy had a little contest in her shoppe, and i won the cutest magnet!

it says, 'sometimes i worry about zombies'

so as a token of my gratitude, i sent her a pair of puzzle piece earrings. i only hope her ears are pierced.

i was inspired.
on the floor in my newly rearranged bedroom. i haven't wanted to leave it all evening. all nice and clean. the lady i'm subletting for is in town tomorrow, staying at our apartment. so i wanted my room [aka her room] to look nice.

a corner of my room, with my new chrome Target shelves. a gift from my gentleman friend. it was his suggestion to put my enormous yarn collection in my suitcase, which you can see to the right. genius.

tomorrow: rain. lots of rain.


Ginnie said...

I hope you find a bike, Lesley, that's exactly light enough for you. I think we have a bell coming, as I recall. :)

I just looked at your button earrings and showed them to Donica. You are one clever, creative gal!!

Donica said...

Hi Lesley...I hope we get a chance to see PUNCH before the new bike arrives...but, if the right opportunity appears you just have to go for it! As ginnie mentioned, the AMSTERDAM bell is on the way when we visit you in just under two weeks!!

Can hardly wait to see you (and NYC)!

Ruth said...

I never heard of Roosevelt Island. There's just so much to do and see there in NYC. Dad was saying the same about needing a lighter touring bike. Makes sense.

I love the feeling of reorganized spaces! I hope you will find energy to match all your new inspiration. :)

I love you, and I hope you will have a superb Sunday in NY!


lesleyanne said...

so excited to see you two in less than a WEEK!!

i'll definitely still have my Puch then, and you'll be able to see her in all her glory. she's such a beauty. i can't wait for the bell!!! a genuine Dutch bicycle bell. to go with my Austrian bike. it's going to be difficult to give up that bike.

and thank you Aunt Boots!

so nice to see you on my blog Donica!! welcome!

lesleyanne said...

definitely mammas! Roosevelt Island isn't too exciting. mostly residential. but such a nice river walk. there's a bridge connecting from Long Island City, i just happened upon it yesterday while wandering around on my bicycle.

i love you and happy sunday and see you in 6 days!!!!

Anonymous said...

an Amsterdam bell? Oh my, that sounds very european. Where would the rest of us purchase a nice sounding bell for our own bike rides? Especially if it envoked the sounds of summer jaunts....ummm, I think I want an Amsterdam bell!
who longs to get back to europe this may

Rauf said...

Happy Birthday Lesley !
wish you all the joy and sunshine in the world
lots of love

lesleyanne said...

thank you Rauf!
how sweet of you.

wishing you joy in your part of the world as well.

Rauf said...

Now I have a very clear idea of the things and colours you like Sweet Lesley.

Too much cycling has a problem. Better to walk as much as you can and never without a bottle of water in your hands.

i wished you a bit too early, as i did not know the date, and i would be away on the 30th. So here i am wishing you again Lesley.
i wish all your dreams and wishes come true.
All my love

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Hope your day is specially wonderful!

lesleyanne said...

thank you again Rauf.
you are so sweet.

and thank you as well, Rachel!
hope you're doing well.