Sunday, October 7, 2007

adventure weekend

the weather has been perfection this weekend
especially for getting out on my bicycle.
luckily C has been wanting to ride a lot more lately, so we've had a couple adventures this weekend.

starting yesterday.

C standing next to our bikes. mine is the green monster and his is the purple crazy dutch koga-miyata. we rode around Queens, and decided to go to this new outdoor mall. i seriously felt like i was in florida. so weird. your typical stores, Starbucks, Border's (which you can see in the background there), Claire's, Halloween Adventure. C and i were debating what was going to be there once Halloween was over. i said maybe Thanksgiving Adventure, and he said Talbot's. i think his guess is better than mine.

we had some nice iced coffee from Starbuck's, free of charge, thanks to my dad's gift card he got from his kids for xmas. yay dad!

beautiful fall flowers. the colors are truly inspirational. these were in front of the 'Amish Market'. yea right. more like 'Over-priced Grocery Store'.

total miles yesterday: 5

then today we decided to take advantage of the beautifulness early! heading out at 9am, we made our way to Manhattan via C's route to work. this was exciting, as i had only seen his route through a car or bus, not while riding a bicycle.

going over the Williamsburg Bridge, from Brooklyn to Manhattan. i took this while on my bicycle by the way. this is a very popular bridge to ride/walk/run/jog over. very enjoyable i must say.

C took me for breakfast at his favorite restaurant, Atlas Cafe, on 2nd Ave in the East Village. great food, vegan/veggie friendly, and outdoor seating. always a plus when watching bicycles locked up.


after breakfast, we rode over the west-side highway to look at the water and ride on the bike path. we weren't on here long before we started heading back to Queens. pictured above: C riding ahead of me. and. the new Frank Gehry building which i just love. his first building in New York actually! pretty amazing.

total miles today: 26.3 (that's right folks, marathon style. by far the longest i've ever ridden in one day)


in other news. this is what i'm obsessively knitting.

from the same book where i got the pattern for K's scarf (the red one i finished awhile ago). i love lace.


Ruth said...

Yay! Thank you. And thank you to Chris for letting himself be photographed. So sweet. I'm glad to see him there without a cane and actually biking. Wonderful, wonderful!

Thank you for the rundown of your day out on bikes, that's quite a hike! And fun things to see.

Ginnie said...

So many miles and places to see. Glad to see Chris again (HI, Chris). I love it all, Lesley. It's fun to see your life there in the Cig Bity.

lesleyanne said...

yes i love that C is so photogenic. we were so happy to get out on our bicycles for awhile, smiles all around.

cig bicked wity!!

Raw Kale said...

How fun! We need to go bike-riding together some time- I have an "Orange Monster:D"

lesleyanne said...

RK, this is so long overdue! but yes, we do need to go bike-riding together!! would love to see photos of your orange monster. :)