Monday, October 15, 2007

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happy monday all!
another lovely weekend come and gone.
visions of October hanging over my head as the month is already half over.

happy birthday to my sweet brother who turned 25 yesterday!
i felt such a void not being able to be with him, eating lots of crab legs and hot fudge cake til i burst. heaven.

my mother did a beautiful post for him yesterday. so here is my part of it. this so describes our awesome relationship to a TEE. dad's old tractor, me driving, pete crackin me up.

in other news, check out my Etsy shoppe! i'm featuring my farm animal goods this week, so check them out!

i've also had time to post a few new items, and added an "Accessories" section! joy!

a pin or brooch, perfect for your fall jacket! i just love these colors. mustard yellow and a deep brown with a hint of purple. been so inspired lately. new ideas all the time!

enjoy your week.


Ruth said...

Yay! That photo is GREAT!! How come I haven't seen it before?? I'm sure I didn't take it. Who did?? You look SOOO cute, and Peter is his usualy funny self. You are the most adorable daughter in the world.

We missed you so so so much yesterday. It wasn't right. We'll make up for it at Thanksgiving though.

Quiltedblessings said...

lovely brooch! Definitely right for the fall weather!

Anonymous said...

i just felt like making a comment cuz i am bored!

lesleyanne said...

i think Shane took that photo! on one of the times he visited the farm. i loooove this photo. it cracks me up.

i missed you bos too. next time! and very soon.

lesleyanne said...

thank you Quilted Blessings! and many thanks for visiting my blog!

lesleyanne said...

is that you Nate?? :)

Ginnie said...

You and Peter are so adorable, Lesley. You and your whole family are adorable! :)