Saturday, October 6, 2007

sweater finished!

today is a beautiful day for a bicycle ride
i can't believe it's 80 degrees outside tho
i've been inside all morning and am just ITCHING to get out there
but first...

finished and listed on Etsy!
the newest addition to my recycled sweater collection. if you will remember, last week i posted my process of making this sweater.

here i am modeling it. i added another piece of the same fabric to the front, to create a nice flow from front to back.

i am very excited about this piece, and hope to make many more like it.

but for's time to get outside! i'll bring my camera, i promise.
have a wonderful saturday! hope the sun is shining in your part of the world.


Ruth said...

I love how it turned out. It's a treasure of a piece that should be valuable to a buyer. You put many hours into it, I hope you will charge a fair price. It's just stunning. Maybe you can do others similar to it? I know you're like me and you want to create a completely new design with each project (true?). But this would be fantastic in any color with different fabrics.

And hey, you look really thin! You eating my little girl?

Ginnie said...

That is one fabulous sweater, Ms. Lesley. OMG! It's gorgeous. You go, Girl.

Yesterday was Mark's birthday (32!) and we had a great day in Atlanta. Mostly cloudy but I think it was only in the high 70s. In Amsterdam this week it'll be in the low-mid 60s. My kind of weather! :)

lesleyanne said...

thank you mamma!! i'm definitely going to do others similar to this style. i think it was successful, we'll see what kind of feedback i get!

(har har)

lesleyanne said...

thanks Aunt Boots!

i wish the weather would cool down here. it does NOT feel like october. in the 80's, humid, and totally sunny. Amsterdam sounds just lovely.

and happy birthday Mark!! glad you all had a good time.
love to all.