Tuesday, February 26, 2008

too late for a school night

so i had a $1 latte at Dunkin Donuts tonight at 7pm.
this will explain why i'm WIDE awake at quarter to midnight.
well at least i got some work done.

more puzzle piece earrings! these actually fit together perfectly!

so we had a crazy knit night adventure. there are 5 of us in the knitting circle that broke off of the Stitch n Bitch i used to go to. we've been going to Knit New York, and although we love this venue, it's decided to close early. we are all night owls and love staying out until past 8pm! so we've been trying to brainstorm places to go to be able to sit quietly (or loudly in our case), knit, chat, drink beverages, maybe eat some dinner.

our first thought was some other knitting place...every other venue closes at 6pm on weeknights! they're obviously not catering to the local 9-5er. the next thought was....the New York Public Library! so we all met there tonight, at the usual time. only to find out it closed early as well. the rain did not discourage us! we must have trekked around for blocks, into an H&M to ask for the nearest coffee shop, and all we got was a Dunkin Donuts/KFC near Grand Central Station. even the Starbucks were closed for training! can you believe this.

it turned out to be completely glorious. they were practically GIVING their coffee away! which is genius considering the Starbucks down the street was closed. so we sat in a fast food booth, drank our coffee, ate our well-deserved donuts, and knit our hearts out to smooth jazz playing in the background.

honestly not sure if we'll go back there, but it was an adventure in knitting we will never forget.


Ruth said...

What an adventure! I think it's fun that you ended up at Dunkin Donuts! Especially at Grand Central Station. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, ALL Starbucks shops closed last night due to training. Lucky for you that ya got some cheap coffee and yummy doughnuts after all that trekking.

SwedeHart said...

Dunkin' Donuts is really trying to compete with Starbucks. Maybe they could improve upon their ambiance. What a great adventure to have in the rain. I haven't been knitting since I started my new job... so busy. And my friend, Hilary, who wants to learn to knit, is cramming for her Counseling Board Test, which she aces on Wednesday (cross fingers). So, when she finished that test, we're going to pick up our needles again.

Ginnie said...

I love it, Lesley! I can picture you trudging around to find the perfect place. And while Starbucks was "snoozing/losing," Dunkin' Donuts was making a buck or two! Let us know when you find the venue you'll stick with. :)

lesleyanne said...

mommy: yes yes, it was fun! i haven't been over in that area of Manhattan in awhile. i love GCC. it's amazing. i'll take you there soon.

heather: weird right? about starbucks i mean. honestly, i was happy they were closed. they have good coffee there, but i'd MUCH rather give my business to a mom and pop coffee shop....like....dunkin donuts....wait.

i completely agree with you swedehart! i really didn't have a problem going in DD, except that the ambiance is just not there. the lighting was good tho. i hope you can find your balance and start finding time to knit again!

aunt boots: i'll write about it tonight, but we did find a great little venue!! i'm happy to say. :)