Friday, April 4, 2008


i went to an amazing party in my neighborhood last night, at SITE, a great little boutique shop carrying vintage and handmade items for the home! i met some lovely people who live right in my neighborhood, and also got to talk with one of the featured artists of the evening, Amber Zezeck of Brookadelphia! she makes unique necklaces cut from acrylic plexi, i actually bought the green grass necklace.

i did feature some of my jewelry there at another party almost a year ago. so last night was a bit more laid back.

on another exciting note, i am featured on the Etsy Trashion blog! they interviewed me a few weeks ago, before i left on vacation. i love this street team!!


Ginnie said...

I just saw and read the featured post on you, Lesley, and am so proud of you. YAY for all your creativity.

Did you get your white Amsterdam buttons sewed on yet? :)

Don said...

I read your feature post too! How fun to be interviewed. I hope tons of people come and visit you!

Ruth said...

That IS a great feature, daughter! It's very inspiring to recyle and create. I'm sorry I missed this when I was blog surfing on the weekend. :(

lesleyanne said...

aunt boots: thank you!! and yes, white buttons are on the coat! unfortunately, i don't know how many more times i'll be wearing it before the summer. hmm...that's ok. i did get to wear it a bunch with new buttons.

papa: thank you pops!! i'm so happy that you have such a large readership on your blog. that's amazing.

mammas: thank you! and it's ok! i need to remember to post photos on every post, otherwise it's not very noticable. :)