Saturday, April 12, 2008

listen to your breaking heart

the moon was a sliver of lemon last night. i could see it through the clouds passing by. by now i've realized how few stars i can see at night here in the city. it's better living in queens, at least i can count the number i see on my hands. maybe my hands and feet.

my new leg warmers! photo above shows a detail shot of the Graffiti Blossom embellished at the top of the warmer.

here they are in their entirety. another pair made from an old sweater of mine, headed for the salvation army! this was definitely one of my favorites, the simple black and tan stripes. these sleeves made for especially wonderful leg warmers, creating a nice big bell at the bottom. these are also being featured on an Etsy Treasury! called "Use, Abuse and then Re-use". genius.

today is another day filled with lots of crafting. i have many more leg warmers in the works, and also more tees for my spring line. excitement!


in MORE excitement! my brother Peter's band, Meridian, just released their full-length album, Listen to Your Breaking Heart!!! it is amazing. i seriously have not been able to stop listening to it. they've been recording it for awhile, but finally ended by getting it mastered here in NYC by George Marino at Sterling Sound Studios! you can have a listen at their Myspace site:

or you can head down to the bottom of my blog site to purchase the album through SnoCap.

i highly recommend!!! Murder in a Small Town is my favorite song (Peter on the far left).

(photo provided by Meridian)


Anonymous said...

Check out this new online graffiti project:

Ruth said...

Ooooooh, new post! Beautiful leg warmers! I remember that sweater. :)

"Murder" is my favorite too. How great that you posted Snocap here! I downloaded it yesterday too, after a little finagling with Snocap. Lovely album.

Lovely kids o' mine. Mmmmmmm. I'm so proud.

Don said...

I remember that sweater too! You are having so much fun, and lovin life! I wore my CCS sweatshirt to Trader Joes and the cashier was raving over CCS! She wants to study photography there.

Jen @ J&J Acres said...

I came over from your dad's farm blog. Once he said that you were a designer, I had to come check out your blog!

People who design clothes amaze me. I'll keep an eye on your etsy shop for things that catch my eye! :)

lesleyanne said...

thanks anon for that fun link! random...

mommy: thank you! i loved that sweater. but it was not my style anymore. :) i've been listening to Meridian non-stop. i just put the album on my ipod, happy girl. i'm loving it more and more every time i listen to it.

jen: welcome!! thank you for visiting! and thank you for checking out my shop, i always love that. :) i'll go and check out your blog as well!

Anonymous said...

Lesley, did you get to see Peter while he was in NYC? Didja get to hobnob with the superstars?

Love those legwarmers. Spring is a pretty good time for legwarmers. The breeze can be chilly when you're getting into spring dresses.