Tuesday, April 1, 2008


we have returned! Amsterdam was amazing and brilliant and cold and snowy and full of wonder. i love the culture shock, and seeing another world. the people live so differently and i drink it all in.

bicycles everywhere. we even rode them! a cute bicycle rental place near the train station rented two red cruiser bikes to us.

this is a mega short post about it. if you'd like to see more photos of our glorious trip, you can visit my Picasa web album!


in other news, i may have mentioned that my friend Tiffany and i were trying to get into the Bust Craftacular this spring. alas, we were not one of the lucky 50 to get in to the fair, which will be on April 27. but we are going to try to get into the Renegade Craft Fair, which is in the summer time. good for me, i'll have more time to prepare and get some product out. goodie.

becuz of my long absence from Etsy and my world of craftiness, i made another felt Graffiti Blossom brooch this weekend. i realized after making it that the colors are very similar to the first brooch i made like this. but the felt in the foreground i made myself, to mimic a sunset.

it's backed with a great fabric remnant from a discontinued upholstery sample.

i love the coi fish. so classic.
coming soon....an artist featured! stay tuned.


Ginnie said...

You came, you saw, you conquered! It was great to have you with us, L&C. How fun! It's hard to believe it all came and went so quickly. Now we'll have to get Mom and Dad there!

Ruth said...

Yes mom and dad must go must go.

You made the felt. Pause. I love that.

There's nothing quite like going to a completely new place to see yourself and the world differently. I guess you get some of that every day in NY. I was intrigued that you said you loved the culture shock. So many people don't, you know, and are afraid of what they don't understand. But then, my sweetie, you've never been that way. More pause.

lesleyanne said...

aunt boots: YES! so much fun was had by all. so great to see you and D. thank you again for everything, you seriously made our vacation amazing. and YES, get my parents out there! there or nyc....hmmm...both!

mamma: yes, culture shock is an amazing thing. you and papa definitely taught me to be open-minded and traveling so much as a child opened me up like nothing ever could. maybe i'll make some more felt today!