Saturday, May 5, 2007

riding in new york

i love to ride my bicycle.
i have been loving it even more lately, as my boyfriend is nuts about his bicycle. it's quite contagious actually.

his bicycle. there is pink on it.

this month is Bike Month in NYC.
so there is something to do every night of the week, including a bicycle fixing workshop for women. i will be taking advantage of this. put on by Recycle-a-Bicycle, i get to fix someone else's future bicycle, and take the knowledge home to my own.


heading out to Long Island now.
more photos later.


Rauf said...

There was a time when the city administration thought about bicycle riders. But not any more

please carry a water bottle with you always Lesley

i have a long story, actually i have many. please check if you have time

its about a world record of sorts i created. i was booked for traffic offence for three times in a single day. its too long Lesley

Please say Hi to your Bike friend
Take care

lesleyanne said...

you're right, you know Rauf.
it is quite scary to me, riding in this city sometimes.
what scares me even more is my boyfriend riding his bicycle to work 12 miles each way.
that's a seriously fascinating story. i haven't had any bad experiences on my bicycle yet [crossing my fingers], but i know my boyfriend has.
be safe on your bicycle as well! if you still ride....

Ruth said...

At first I thought he had a chain belt. And then, duh, I understood. I've never seen anyone do that, and it's smart. :)

You be careful, little one.

Dad and I want to ride more out here. I just don't like these curvy roads very much, for visibility.

Rachel said...

I love riding my bike- the orange beach cruiser. Swede and I have matching bikes:))) The Texan we bought them from gave us matching T-shirts to go with them- ha!

Ginnie said...

You go, Girl! Yay, Lesley. Knowing how to fix bikes. :D