Thursday, March 29, 2007

look me in the heart: part II

i felt i needed some new spring clothes since i started my new job, so i bought a few shirts from some amazing Etsy sellers.

made this beautiful shirt
a very successful Etsy seller.
she was at a show when i ordered, and for my patience she included some great pins and stationary that she also made.
this print was screened onto a gray tshirt. she has a few different patterns, all a bit floral.
so beautiful.
i will definitely be buying from her again.

i also bought from DearPony
who also screens onto clothing, i love her designs.
these tunics are floral and lovely and i couldn't help myself.
they're both very long, and i can dress them up or down.
also a successful Etsy seller.

i am just so impressed with so many sellers on Etsy.
so much talent.
so inspiring.
i find myself on that website for hours.

i never need to enter a mall again.


Ruth said...

I'm very glad you took a photo of your new clothes!! They are beautiful, unique and wonderful, just like you. ;)

The grey tunic is fantastic. Is that silk screened? What a sweet pattern. And then the queen anne's lace! Love those two as well.

I hear you about the mall! So you haven't had any trouble getting the sizes right?

lesleyanne said...

yay! did you look at the sellers Etsy pages? they sell some great things.
and yes, they are all silkscreened. all handmade. i just love it.
and no! not a problem with any sizes. sellers are good at suggesting sizes, and most sellers have multiple sizes that they screen on, so i can just tell them what size i wear when i buy it!

Ginnie said...

This is so very cool, Lesley. I can see you evolving before my very eyes and I love what I'm seeing. :)

rachel said...

Hello, I didn't know you had this blog. Very nice- I love the design. I would like to make these kinds of shirts myself- do you know if it's easy enough to figure out myself? I love these swirly designs with birdies & such. I see shirts like this for my little girl Zabrina, but I never see them in my size. I have wondered if I could just make my own designs, but don't really know what materials to use. Screen printing was so many ages ago... Do you have any suggestions?

lesleyanne said...

i didn't actually make these shirts, but i'm sure it's very easy. i know you can buy screenprinting kits at art supply stores, or online at very reasonable. and even comes with instructions!
if you're interested in embroidery and applique, that's always a possibility. so easy to just cut a pattern or design out of fabric and then sew it onto a piece of clothing.
good luck and thank you for visiting!

rachel said...

Thanks for the info! Nice hearing from you:)))