Tuesday, May 29, 2007

we all wanna be somebody

memorial day weekend. how glorious to have an excuse to run around like a crazy person for 3 days.

Saturday: Coney Island with friends visiting from Michigan.

oh i use any excuse to go to this lovely beach/carnival/hot dog stand/freak show.
i certainly loved going on the day the beach opened. luckily it wasn't too overly-crowded.
walked on the flaming hot sand.
bare feet in the freezing ice water [where people and naked babies were actually swimming!]
nathan's coney dogs with onions and mustard and chili cheese fries.

ice cream, teeshirts and best of all.
riding the cyclone!

i think is in fact one of the nation's oldest rollercoasters. built in 1927. quite amazing that it's still running and quite one of the most fun rides i've ever been on. and i've been to Cedar Point too many times.

while waiting in line. i had one seat all to myself and was sliding around. it definitely added to my excitement.
D and i on the boardwalk. you can see the parachute landmark in the background. it is beautifully lit at night. too bad i missed that. we were both afraid of the sun that day. so glad when i meet someone else who covers up as much as i do. it was so hot and a scorching 90 degrees that day. yikes. can you see the smog?

and that was my coney island adventure. don't worry. i'll be back soon sweet dirty coney island. i love you in all your glory and grime.


Ruth said...

Yaayyyyyy! Although I do not like fast rides, I know you do, and I'm happy for you!

Your photos and rundown give a very good idea of a visit there, and a Nathan's hot dog is a must eat, from what I hear. And NO ketchup!

I LOVE the photo through the cyclone fence. Hey! Cyclone!! :D

Silly me, I love that you love Coney Island, my daughter. You are my grime-loving cutie.

Mrs. M. said...

Lesley, that looks like so much fun! Laura and Emma will be out visiting the dad in NJ the last half of June (he works in The City now). That would be a great experience for the three of you to have!! Wouldn't it be fun if you could get together with them and maybe even have a slumber party?!!

I'll send you E's cell #.

You're brave to ride such an old machine! Not quite like the ones at Universal ;)

Ginnie said...

I think we'll have to go back to NYC one day just to visit Coney Island. We purposely DIDN'T go there in April, you know, so that we'd have a good excuse to go back. :)

lesleyanne said...

mommy! i can actually see you enjoying parts of Coney Island, despite the fast twirly rides and dirty grimy hot dogs. altho you might actually like the hot dogs. they're quite tasty.

lesleyanne said...

yes yes mrs m, coney island is a blast! anyone who visits NYC must see it, must. i wasn't aware that Wes now lives and works in the area, how nice for the gals to have an excuse to visit the wig bicked city!

lesleyanne said...

aunt boots, you know you always have an excuse to visit NYC! but yes, coney island is a good one, indeed. still planning a trip to come see you and Donica in Amsterdam soon! keep you updated.

Rauf said...

Been traveling a lot Lesley, just spending time in the wilderness, came back the day before looking like Jumanji.

Its so pleasant to see you enjoying yourself, one suggestion, please wear the clothes you design. Let people ask you questions. Hope you are carrying enough name cards. Tell them about your work and your blog.
Enjoy yourself Lesley.

Rauf said...

oh yes please wear the accessories you design. They are very attractive, i mean they attract attention.

Rauf said...

please don't be shy of displaying them.
i am such a nagging pain Lesley

So Hum said...

Hey cuz, Good times! I love seeing pictures of you and those colorful outfits. I wish I had half your flare!

Ruth said...

Are you gonna do a post on your pway?? Pwetty pwease?

Or your embellishments show?

lesleyanne said...

Rauf! glad to hear you're traveling a lot. would love to do that myself. and seriously thank you for the suggestions! i do try to wear my creations as often as possible. you're great. hope everything is well in your part of the world.

lesleyanne said...

rachel! i always think the same about you, thank you! i love seeing photos of you in your world. you're so beautiful.

lesleyanne said...

mommy! pwease stay tuned....the pway wiww be showing soon!
wove you.