Wednesday, May 9, 2007

tees in Etsy!

with a flat tire on my bicycle and a hectic week,
i decided to stay in tonight
and make a tee to sell on Etsy.

this is the second of its kind.
the first was made for my good friend L for her birthday
[still waiting for a photo to show]

the design is very similar.

side view.
blossom petals appliqued on the front and back, with vintage buttons details.

i found a button that matches the aqua pin striped fabric perfectly.
so i sewed it into the top left shoulder of the tee. (see item on Etsy)
balances it well.

button details. fluorescent colors are so in right now.

this is the first of many tees i hope to sell. check it out!


my Harry Potter obsession has returned.


Rauf said...

unique design Lesley, it shoud have some function, like you can make it useful for ladies carrying infants, perhaps with pockets. you know better. looks plus usefulness makes a perfect design.

Ruth said...

Unique and beautiful! I like the aqua and black together, and the placement of the leaves. Those buttons are so fun too. Isn't design the funnest?

I'll have to wait to check etsy when I return to work next week with high speed. :D

Ginnie said...

How fun, Lesley. I can't believe we didn't check out all your Etsy stuff when we were there with you. What were we thinking?!

Our HP book was ordered months ago and now the new movie will soon be out. Yup. Lots to get excited about. :)

lesleyanne said...

thank you Rauf! those are such great suggestions. i whole-heartedly believe in form following function.

mommy! thank you! so when are you getting high speed at home? :)

and thank you aunt boots! i didn't even think of showing you all my work! but yes, i've ordered my HP book as well! almost don't think i can wait until july. lots and lots.

belle said...

Hello Love!

I like the tee...very pretty! You are very creative. I misses you very much. We are playing the biggest game of phone tag EVER. I hope you are well.
By the by, I am starting to get the Harry Potter itch too. The book is coming soon!!!!!

belle said...

Did I mention I miss you? :)