Sunday, May 6, 2007

wine country

my good friend N is visiting from Idaho this week
so a big group of us went out to Long Island to visit wine country
we ended up at a winery out in the middle of sod farms, about a mile from the Long Island Sound.

2 cars
each packed with 5 people
my car also included a dog. Bean.

Bean inspects the unsuspecting gargoyle guarding the cow barn.

the first photo is a barn on the winery property.
i was throwing a frisbee around with a few of my friends, with cows mooing in the background.
i think i accidentally set off the security alarm in the barn as i wanted to visit with the cows.
it was a bit strange sitting on picnic tables in the middle of a large farm, drinking wine, in the middle of the afternoon.

Martha Clara. one of the only wineries we could find with complimentary wine-tasting.
we ended up buying a couple bottles anyway.

i love this group of people. i rarley spend any time with them, something i'm hoping to change.


today. taking my bicycle down to Prospect Park. may end up joining the same group of people for a BBQ in the park.
must take advantage of this beautiful weather.
[[no worries Rauf. i always bring water and my helmet. ]]


Rauf said...

Good girl, i am sorry about my nagging you Lesley. i am such a pain to my nephew and niece, i keep nagging them. And they insist on my wearing a cap when i go out or hand me an umbrella which i hate to carry. Its getting too hot here.

Good to welcome the spring with a sip of wine, i really don't know what it is, had champagne once, such a big affair the wine tasting is. Can't imagine a vineyard close to NYC. Heard so much about Martha's vineyard, is that somewhere close by ? hahaha complimentary wine testing ?
We have apple orchards in the foothills of Himalayas, you can sit and eat as many but you can't carry them. We had to cross these orchards while trekking in the Himalayas. Please take care Lesley, please eat well sleep well.

Ruth said...

Ooooh, I would love to do this with you. Nothing like free wine samples, eh? It must be great to get out of the city and into a country setting for a bit. How long did it take for you to get out there?

Such a cute little pooch. So funny, sniffing the gargoyle. And you set off the alarm. Right on! :D

Nice that you have new friends to hang out with. I remember you liked them before N left NY. You're good though, because you can do things alone too, and not mind. Bummer about the flat tire though. Well, at least you can take your bike on the subway when that happens.

I admire your desire to learn how to fix bikes. I am so not mechanical, and I'm not proud of that. Good for you.

Rachel said...

I have had some lovely wine tasting adventures in California. Once, an owner invited me to stay for lunch and desert. He had home-made salsa from his garden, and I whipped up some guacamole from the avacados in my cooler (never leave home without avacados is my motto). Then, he sent one of his employees to go buy the ingredients so he could prepare Tira Misu. But the funnest part about this adventure is yet to come. During this process of feasting and sampling, while the other guy was at the store buying groceries, a sales representative came in for an appointment with the owner. I had been there so long, and had seen him do the whole routine so many times, he donned me temporary sommelier so that he could conduct business! So, I stepped behind the bar and served samples. What an honor!

Ginnie said...

LOL at Rachel's comment. How fun, Lesley, that the nice weather is letting you get out-n-about. And that you have Uncle Rauf to keep you in line. :)