Wednesday, September 12, 2007

gloved piano fingers

i have been back to work this week
feeling much energized and enthusiastic
a glow has filled my inner being
maybe it's the set of my mind changing
maybe it's the fact that i have taken all pressure off of myself
or maybe it's this.

the photo might not say much to you. but it means the world to me. to have a place where i can spend moments immersed in what i love doing the most.
my refuge.
my atelier.
my studio.

two rectangular work tables, procured from the Depot at a small affordable price (for a poor gal paying her student loans). pieced together with a lovely corner desk piece left by the lady i'm subletting for (of which i am so grateful). makes for the most efficient work space a girl could ask for. these photos were taken a few days ago, i've spread out a bit since i first took these. new projects, old projects, inspirational books. and my new toy.

it makes me almost sad to say this, but it has been over 5 years since i have lived with a piano of some sort. it's about time i had one! a nice man in Ridgewood, Queens was nice enough to sell me this Yamaha PSR-172 for $35 (Craig's List!!). it is absolutely perfect! i had to take like 5 trains to get there from Manhattan (not really only 2) and then 3 (yes, really 3) to get back to Astoria. how crazy is that! but totally worth it.

and oh yes, you can see the finished gloves there!! i ventured down to the West Village last night, to go to the Stitch 'n Bitch party at The Point Knitting Cafe . what an inspiring group. i just sat and sipped my minty jasmine tea, met some new interesting people, and touched lots and lots of yarn. i finished my gloves there, and one of the men knitting there (yes there are men in that group! makes me happy) couldn't help himself but to try them on! i almost gave them to him, they looked good and seemed to fit. that's the nice thing about knitting. it stretches so very nicely. i will definitely be going next week. my friend L might even come! my knitting friend.

my sewing machine, Jewel the Janome, under her cover. henna, cowboys, indians. lots of embroidery floss. the window in my studio looks out onto our balcony. i like to talk to my roommate while she's tending to her garden.

my knitting/reading corner. all i need is a little extra light, and i'm good to knit for hours. my supply basket, with recent projects, scissors, needles, etc. my pink cloth bin full to the brim with yarn and wool fleece. maybe this is a sign that i can stop buying more yarn. problem is, i only like to knit with yarn that i dye myself now.


Heather's gloves are started! i decided to make it easier for myself and just dye the yarn instead of trying to find the perfect color to match the hat. you won't be disappointed. they're still purple!! and they'll smell like grape. with a hint of cherry.

thank you for visiting my studio. i play a tune for you, and goodnight.


Ruth said...

I feel greened and refreshed and wonderful reading and looking and listening to you, sweetest of all girls. I can feel your satisfaction and contentment. The colors -- paint, yarn, everything -- are soothing, cool and they fill me up.

Ohhhhh, you don't know how I needed this right now. I love to picture you there, working and imagining, open to the skies.

Ruth said...

How did I forget to comment on your keyboard??

As you know, I walk by your piano several times a day, and I think about how you must long to play. I'm happy you have a portable one. Does it sound piano-like? Is it heavy?

Ruth said...

How many were at Stitch-N-Bitch? Remember that amazing evening when we saw the "men only" in the knit store when we walked to Nathan and Nancy's rehearsal dinner? That is one of the highlights of my life, I kid you not. Seeing that big, burly guy leaning over the table to point out a stitch to the guy across from him. Delightful.

I keep coming back, because there's so much here.

Raw Kale said...

Oh my gosh, Aunt Ruth, that comment about the guy in the knit shop- stitches I am in, pardon the pun! Made my life, too.

Lesley, your studio is so wonderful! What an inspiration!

I am so happy that you are engaged in what you enjoy. So thankful that we have the means of sharing our joy with each other.

I enjoy the descriptions, imagining licking the cool-aid flavored ice from those gloves now:)

Ginnie said...

All that and is your bed in there, too, Lesley? Isn't that the same room or do you have another room now where you sleep??

How I love reading about and seeing you like this, in your sweet heaven!

lesleyanne said...

i'm so glad you enjoyed the post mamma, someday soon you can come into my studio with me and enjoy it as much as i do. i spend every morning in there, eating my breakfast and staring out the window, listening to my neighbors speaking greek or italian. i can't figure out which it is.

i know, how i would love to have my piano with me! but how awful would it to be move it from place to place to place, having to tune it all the time. plus, the luxury of having a volume control is NICE! i can play late at night that way. and no, not heavy at all! it actually sounds really nice. there's a setting for 'grand piano', which is what i've been playing. it also has drum machine stuff, and weird little DJ sounds. i love it.

Stitch 'n Bitch - there were about a dozen people there! and yes, i'm ALWAYS reminded of the time we walked by Knit New York. i still go into that store a lot, the people there are so nice. but i hardly ever buy yarn....only supplies really. and coffee. or tea. but they have such beautiful yarn.

lesleyanne said...

i know Rachel, i wish you could have seen it. what a sight to behold. did you end up finding a group in your area?

and yes, thank you! i am so loving my studio, and making it mine more and more every day. my roommate keeps some of her crafty stuff in there too, so it's nice. i am also sooo thankful that we've been able to keep in touch this way. your life is so inspiring to me. i love reading your blog.

kool-aid flavored ice! i just bought some lemon-lime bright GREEN koolaid!!! i think i'm going to experiment with that this weekend.

lesleyanne said...

hahaha, no Aunt Boots, this isn't my bedroom. i moved all my supplies and computer OUT of my bedroom, into this room, which is at the front of our apartment, right next to the living room. you might not remember it. at the time you visited, it was only a storage room, and i barely used the small corner of it i had claimed.

so now i can work work work, then retreat to my bedroom to get rest. it's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley,

What a great studio space! Yes, you definitely need a light for your knitting corner. That's the one thing I always felt in need of when I knitted. More light!

I wish I had a piano so that I could learn and Timo could play while he's here. Chris' mother has beautiful piano that I suspect will become ours someday, but not for many years (I hope). :) Timo has suggested that if I want a piano I should get an electric one. He says they never go out of tune. The folks who used to live in this house had an electric one with weighted keys. They said that weighted keys are what to look for in an electric piano. I am not very musically inclined. I try, but I prefer listening to music.

Timo was playing my guitar last night and he's so good. His background is in classical guitar, but he can play a good rock 'n roll riff, too.

Can't wait to wear my NY hat and gloves. :) They will be perfect. And Kool-adey.

Ruth said...

Haha, I meant, is the piano-keyboard heavy to carry? :D

I'm glad you like the sound!

lesleyanne said...

hi Heather! welcome back! i didn't even realize that you were a knitter - i guess that explains why you appreciate it so much. :)
do you not knit anymore?

and yes thank you! i love my studio space so much. i feel so much inner peace when i'm in there. and yes, you totally should get a keyboard! weighted keys are ideal, cuz it feels like you're playing a real piano. but the keyboard i have is so lightweight and easy to carry, the keys are light also. i needed something lighter, as i'll be carrying it all around the city. you should totally learn! very therapeutic.

Timo is your husband? and Chris? my boyfriend Chris is also amazing on guitar. he has this cool resonator guitar, i love the sound of it. we actually play together, hence one of the reasons for the keyboard! we'll hopefully get some recording done soon.

and yay! i'm so excited to get your gloves done!! they'll definitely be done this week, i'm planning on working on them this weekend. so soon!!

lesleyanne said...

oh and yes, i knew that's what you meant, mamma. it's very light to carry! good thing too. i'm gonna be totin that thing around the city in no time. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley,

Chris is my husband and Timo is our foreign exchange student from Finland. :) Timo loves music. Take your time with the gloves. No hurry. :)

Rauf said...

Lesley please check this
Laurel Burch

Ruth said...

Your uncle rauf told me today that Laurel Burch died this week. Only 60. She had osteoporosis - I didn't know you could die of that. She had it since age 7. Anyway, I loved her art: jewelry, prints, fabrics - since I was a teenager. Lots of cats.

lesleyanne said...

excellent Heather! i actually am finishing up the gloves tonight and will most likely be posting them on Etsy this weekend! joy.

Rauf - very cool fabric. thank you for the link. i have never heard of Laurel Birch, so i am glad to know of her now. but sad. i really didn't know that one could die of osteoporosis either. how strange.

lesleyanne said...

and nice to see something that you loved when you were younger mom, i like being brought into that part of your world.