Thursday, September 20, 2007

new listings!

autumn is upon us
altho the weather doesn't quite seem to want to cooperate, as it will be in the 80's again this weekend. i've begun to dive into my fall wardrobe, only to find myself a bit uncomfortable on my lunchtime walks in the sun. maybe only really from the tights.
i want to wear my knee socks. my brightly colored tights. my doc marten boots in comfort.
goodbye hot sticky weather.
helloooooooo crisp dry cool air and crunchy leaves under my feet.

with a few projects rolling around in my brain, i listed a few new items this past weekend! fabric earrings. i love wearing the pair that i made (which i featured a few posts ago), which were made with the same fabric you see here. these were hand-embroidered, using a simple common backstitch. shown here are the front of one earring, with a Graffiti Blossom stitched, and the back of the other earring. i love formal embroidery stitches. they're really worth learning, as they look so clean on the wrong side of the work.

i also listed this pair, which i machine-stitched. these have a clean edge, as i sewed them inside out, then did a top-stitch to flatten them out. these earrings are a great solution to all the scrap fabric i have in my studio. this particular fabric was included in the package of one of my Etsy orders from DearPony. she's printed a crow onto this adorable polka dot fabric. you can see most of the bird on one earring, while the other only shows part of the beak.

i love asymmetry.

i'm seriously thinking about getting some colored eyelets! how fun.


knitting. i finished the turquoise pair of gloves i had shown last week, and sent them off to my best girl M for her birthday. i added a button for a nice detail, as well as a way to keep the gloves together when not being worn. a string of yarn fed through the bottom of the opposite glove, then wrapped around the button works well. then finished them by stitching bare branches with red kool-aid dyed yarn. (Heather, this is very similar to what yours will be! altho the stitch details will match your hat.)

here is Heather's finished left glove! a lovely purple dyed with kool-aid. and very toasty warm. i couldn't resist posting that second photo. my roommate collects the funniest objects, and this is a very fun 70's paper weight which sits on a platform with a light that shines through the bubbled glass. so psychadelic!


i held a very small baby this evening. visited my old boss from the cafe where i worked all last summer, who just had a baby! only 5 weeks old, he was so calm and sleeping and precious in my arms. made my night.


i highly recommend listening to April March. she is bound to make anyone's life more exciting.


Ruth said...

I know what you mean about fall and wanting to change wardrobes. Just need cooler temps.

That crow is so cute. You've sold some fabric earrings, yes? I can so see Carrie Bradshaw in some of these.

That was a splendid idea for the button and loop for the glovies for M, to keep them together. How did you think of that!

The purple is BEEAAAUUUTIFUL. Has a bit of mauve according to the pic. Very berry. And so pretty with those nails. :D

Oh da babeth. He slept in your arms, there's nothing better than that.

I'll listen to April March (funny name!) at work.

Ruth said...

I didn't say I love you!

Anonymous said...

Oy! those gloves rock! I can't wait! It's been typical Michigan weather here. Sometimes freezing and sometimes blazing hot. I'm a fall weather girl and love to get into my tights and sweaters and layers. Those fabric earrings are v. cool. I don't wear a lot of earrings because my ears are super-sensitive and get infected easily. Even with pure metals.
It's a wonder I was able to keep a nosering for 10 years! I think I probably had a low-grade infection the whole 10 years! I have a dent in my nose from it now. Sadly, piercings and me don't mix. :( The gloves make me want to start knitting again... :)

Ginnie said...

You are sooooo cute, Lesley! I love what makes you excited and creative. :)

Yaaaaay autumn! My favorite time of the year!

lesleyanne said...

i am definitely loving these cooler mornings. but the hot weather just doesn't seem to want to go away! and yes, thank you mama! i haven't sold any fabric earrings yet. hoping to soon! i have a million ideas, so hopefully i'll be posting more items this week.
did you listen to April March? yes, i love her name. so original.
and yes, i added a bit of red (and a tad bit of green) to the dye! it's mostly grape tho. mostly purple.
i love you!

lesleyanne said...

heather! i'm so glad you like the gloves! love happy buyers. :) question, why did you stop knitting? it's hard to make time for it, i can understand that.
but yes, i know what you mean about your ears reacting to the metals. mine were bad for awhile, but for some reason they don't react anymore.
one thing you CAN try - put clear nail polish on the metal! you can even do this with super cheap earrings, like from claire's or kmart or something. you have to re-apply it every once in awhile, but it totally works. my mom has super sensitive ears, and now she wears cheap earrings all the time!
i usually try to use stainless steel earring hooks, but they're so expensive. it's hard being a poor crafter. :)

lesleyanne said...

autumn is my faaaavorite too aunt boots!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley,

I just paid for the hat and gloves. They are so great! Ummm, I had to stop knitting because I wasn't doing anything else. I have a very OCD personality. I get very addicted to things. :)