Thursday, September 6, 2007

sick days knit days

called out sick for the past two days
ho hum.
life could be worse than laying around on a big black leather sofa all day and night, watching HBO movies, good and bad. but it's no fun when coughing and sneezing.
ho hum again. don't mean to complain. i'm feeling much much better, and will be going back to work tomorrow. good thing i picked a short week to be sick.
i did get some things accomplished while lazying about. i finished lacey scarf for K! there she goes, gone to Ireland for a few weeks, but it will be ready for her when she returns. as i'm sure the cold weather will be upon us as well.

you can see me modeling it above. i added some yarney tassles/fringe for a nice finished look. it's not super long, but i'm satisfied with it.

again, i used the lace pattern on page 126 from The New Knitting Stitch Library, by Lesley Stanfield. a wonderful book full of original and inspiring stitches for the avid knitter.

knitting knitting and more knitting. i have 2 projects going, now that i just finished the scarf. another is a pair of fingerless gloves for myself. AH! i haven't knit anything for myself in awhile.

this pattern i got from Knitty, a great website with amazingly wonderful and free patterns. my first gloves! i chose fingerless to make it a bit easier for myself, but wanted some difficulty, hence the cables. the left glove is done, still working on the right.

you can see the lacey scarf underneath. this lovely turquoise cotton yarn i bought from a lady selling some of her stash outside her apartment before she moved. i was riding my bicycle in Williamsburg, Brooklyn after getting one of my tires fixed, and i had to stop and ruffle through her yarn. some i bought she actually spun herself! trying to think of a project for that.
also, in the very left corner of the photo, you can see the other project i'm working on. a hat made from merino wool i dyed with kool-aid awhile ago. another project for a friend. this is an interesting hat. i'll have more photos of it soon. can't give away the secret just yet!

exciting things going on! i joined a Stitch n' Bitch group, which meets in the West Village on Tuesdays! excitement. i'm also researching getting a tax ID number to start selling my goods at street fairs and flea markets! first things first. i've gotta get my studio going, then kick out the products.

Pink Graffiti on the streets! here i come!


Ruth said...

You astonish me. I just don't understand how you taught yourself techniques for all those fingers. And no one taught you, you learned from a book and Web site. I'm so impressed.

Your color choices are always uniquely Lesley, partly because you dye your own some of the time. I love that so much.

That lady who sold the yard sounds pretty cool (kind of like you, eh?).

One thing I like about you, sweethowt, is that you will try ANYTHING. You always believe you can do it yourself. And why not? Who needs boundaries? And then you prove you CAN do it.

Call me when you can and let me know how you feel today. I hope the meeting goes well. And then go home!

Ruth said...

I meant "the lady who sold the yarn" of course, not the yard. :)

Hey, I didn't tell you, Dad and I want to have a yard sale in October! Clear a lot of stuff out! We'll be in touch with you about what you want to get rid of from the garage, sweet girl.

Ginnie said...

You are so brilliantly creative, Lesley. But first, I'm so sorry you were under the weather, unless your body needed to chill out for a few days.

Did I ever tell you that I wear fingerless gloves at the computer both in Atlanta and here in Amsterdam when it gets cold? In fact, I have one on my right hand right now. Actually, the gloves have fingers but no tips. You know what I mean. :)

Rauf said...

Stich'n'bitch ? What a name
oh my number line on this keyboard is not working wanted to put an exclaimation mark there, brackets are not working too.

Glad you are getting better Lesley.
Watched anything funny, some good comedy on HBO ? i am in mood only for comedies, hate horror stuff.
Saw 'Rush hour 3' i typed this number from number pad which i never use, had to search for number 3. usual silly karate' comedy it was. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Quite entertaining, half the movie was shot in Paris.
got to see the lovely city and a fight on the Eiffel tower of all the places.

Don't see many people wearing green sweater. or any warm clothing. this one is just lovely.

Take care Lesley, please drink a lot of water and just like the bees, please conserve your energy
and stay healthy during the winter which is round the corner. that means no experiments with food and ice creams.

Ruth said...

LOL, I was going to say something about stitch'n'bitch too. Hehe. I'm glad you're in a group!

I meant to also tell you how it touches me that you make gifts for other people. It must give you so much joy. I always think of "Like Water for Chocolate" and how her emotions became infused in the food she cooked. Your love goes into those fibers, little girl.

I wonder how Michelle and Tim are doing?

Anonymous said...

Hello Lesley,

I'm your mom's friend from her poetry group. I love all those knitting projects. I'm wondering if you'd knit me a pair of those fingerless gloves. I'd pay you, of course! And pay for shipping too! I work at the Undergraduate Library at Wayne State University and our desk is near the doors. Other staff members tell me that once it gets cold, I'll be freezing my bum off, and will want to wear lots of layers. I'm thinking that my hands will freeze as I type at the computer. Let me know if you are willing. I love the turquoise color, but any color will do. Keep up all these cool projects. You rock!

lesleyanne said...

thank you for all your kind words mamma! they are so uplifting.

friday, Chris and i ended up treking down to the lower east side for dinner at his favorite restaurant, Atlas! very cute tiny little vegan place, great sandwiches and shakes. yum.

a garage sale in October sounds grand! wish i could fly over to help out with it, but yes, let me know when you're ready to start going through everything.

lesleyanne said...

thank you aunt Boots! yes, my body has a funny way of telling me to slow down.
fingerless gloves are the way to go! perfect for typing, knitting and making in the cold weather.

lesleyanne said...

Rauf! i hope your number line gets better soon. i hardly ever use that, i almost always use the keypad. maybe becuz i worked retail.
Rush Hour 3 looks ridiculous! i can't believe they actually made 3 of those movies. (used the number line for that one).
i can't wait for the cold weather, wearing layers and sweaters. that's the best.

lesleyanne said...

hi Heather! thank you for visiting!
i would love to make you a pair of fingerless gloves! they actually knit up quite fast and easy, especially now that i have the hang of it.
what is your favorite color? i knit these out of cotton yarn, which washes easily and feels nice on the hands. is there a different yarn you would prefer? wool, angora, rayon..? you can just send me an email,, and we can discuss further.
thank you!!!!
we don't want your hands getting cold while working. :)

Ruth said...

Maybe rauf should glue his number pad.

(According to his advice for fixing computers, haha.)

Yay, gloves for Heather!

lesleyanne said...

glue always works!