Tuesday, November 20, 2007

all packed and ready to go

ahh the farm. the joy of sitting, conversing, reading, playing games, laughing, watching movies...all with the people i love the most. [mom and dad you see above, with little me in the middle]
my flight leaves tomorrow afternoon, but i'm going in to work for a few hours in the morning.
the excitement is all mine as i fly to the mitten state to see my lovely family.
haven't seen them since August, when i went there for Farm Day.
this will be quite different, as all the leaves are most likely gone from the trees, the hot tub is [[hopefully]] all warmed up, and i'll be seeing a lot of my dad's side of the family. joy!


in other news, i finished the lacey scarf!
this was a great pattern, easily memorizable [i think i just made that word up], and long enough to wrap it around my neck twice!

the yarn was a gift, hand-dyed a gorgeous pale blue, with hints of green. i added fringe, with tan and brown ribbon for an accent.

i think this took me around 2 months to knit. maybe a bit more.

and i wear it.

it almost looks like i don't have bangs in this photo.


ok, now for some Etsy news. in case some of you don't know, i've started a Google Group for my Etsy shop, called Pink Graffiti.

THANK YOU for those that have already joined!!! i've sent out quite a few invitations, but if you didn't get one, let me know! i'd love to add you! i created it primarily as a mailing list, but also to stay close with my buyers and market myself. i also looove feedback, so that's another great reason.

another custom order this week! a lady commissioned me to make 7 bracelets for the bridesmaids in her wedding, how cool is that??

yes, one brown, and six tiffany blue. it was fun to track down the colors, which i was almost afraid i wouldn't! i must say, this bracelet is my most popular item. i'll be posting more soon. RED ones!!

ok, happy thanksgiving everyone!! i'll be in michigan until Sunday, so until then.....


swedehart said...

I love how artful your posts are. The way you choose backdrops, etc. You're work is really tight- I like that. I'm kind of rough around the edges, but you are so focused on the image you want to portray. It seems like the snowball is rolling!

Ginnie said...

I feel all kinds of nostalgia, Lesley, thinking of you flying to the farm! Just eat it all up for me.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your Etsy stuff is taking off!

Ruth said...

I loved having you home, my sweet girl. So many good cuddles. And soon you'll be home for Christmas! Yay!

And YAY for etsy, such a cool way for you to keep busting out new designs.

Nathan said...

the little knit hat for Baby Hart is our favorite gift so far.

lesleyanne said...

thank you for your kind words Rachel! i've really learned a lot from Etsy itself, and trying to come up with a signature way to photograph my items.

hope you had a happy thanksgiving!

lesleyanne said...

happy thanksgiving aunt Boots!! i missed you over the holidays, but will hopefully see you over Christmas??

how are you enjoying the ornament? have you decorated for the holidays yet? i came home from Michigan, and my roommate had completely decorated our apartment! i love it.

lesleyanne said...

thanks mammas!! i so enjoyed being home and in your and papa's arms. it's where my heart truly is.

can't wait to be there again in a few weeks!

lesleyanne said...

awesome cuz, awesome. makes me happy. i thought of a name for the new hat. 'The Giving Tree'. whaddya think?