Friday, November 2, 2007

happy halloween!

bicycle shadows in the morning light.

i know, it's a few days late, but i finally have a few minutes to post my halloween photos!
invited to a party on halloween night, i decided to dress up. after all, it was a costume party. so i came up with a costume pretty last minute. trying to think of what i have lying around the apartment that i can use, spend as little $$ as possible.

a black kitty cat tangled up in a ball of bright green yarn! the cat costume was so easy and of course i had some extra yarn lying around that i didn't really like all that much. i think a few people got it.
face after painting my eyes and nose.

face after adding black lips and nail-polish. [[still wearing that...nails that is]]

and then the party! my friends own a bar in Brooklyn, you can see them here, with C. K was a saucy pregnant nun, and her husband J was a bishop. pretty hilarious. C was just his engineer self, holding my ball of yarn that i played with throughout the evening. we didn't stay for the costume contest. unfortunately i had to work the next morning. but it was still a blast! i'm glad i at least dodged the insane parade.


currently working on a few projects. still knitting my lacey scarf, added a few new things to my shop this week!

more fabric earrings. working on a new flower series at the moment, following illustrations from the Flowers book.

more to come....hope you all had a happy scary tricky halloween!


Ruth said...

There never was a cuter kitty! I tried to imagine what you described, and my imagination didn't do a very good job, especially compared to how you actually looked! Very cute and creative, how fun. And thank you for sharing the pregnant nun and the bishop. That's just brilliant and too too funny.

And isn't Chris just a sweetie to hold your yarn! :D

So these are the friends who originally wanted you to help design their bar space?

Raw Kale said...

What a purrrfect costume!

You have such interesting friends!

lesleyanne said...

thank you mamma! i'm glad i could realize your imagination a bit more. i know, my friends are silly.
yes, these are my friends who enlisted my help in designing their space! i want to take more proper photos of the bar, add to my portfolio. it's a bit difficult to do so when there are tons of people in funny costumes standing about!

lesleyanne said...

why thank you Rachel, mew! did you dress up for Hween?

Anonymous said...

Oy! Your costume is so cute. Excellent. Next year, maybe I'll just wrap Diesel (my Miniature Schnauzer) up in yarn and see how he likes that as a costume. :) He was an angel this year, but got away with not wearing his costume because Critter "couldn't find it" amid the mess on the kitchen table.

Raw Kale said...

I didn't dress for Halloween. Swede and I were both working that evening. But, the weekend of, I was all dressed up for the movie that I am making. I sewed a water princess costume. I have some pictures and will have to post a blog of my sewing adventures!

Artlife said...

such a wonderfully different kind of earing - very nice!