Monday, November 12, 2007

my weekend with mr. henry hudson

he is small.
he is feisty.
he is cuddly.

i had a mini-vacation this past weekend, as i stayed at my cousins' apartment on Central Park West to watch their sweet puppy dog, Henry Hudson. named for the English explorer who also named the river flanking the west-side of the island of Manhattan. not sure if he was the one who named it....but it is named for him.

not important. they live right on the edge of the park, so Hudson and i walked and walked and enjoyed the crisp autumn air, the changing leaves, being outside all day.

we walked around the park for a few hours.

then ventured to the streets, to explore the neighborhood a bit. to think, all of New York is in a 10 mile radius of me, and there are still so many parts of it i haven't seen.

we stumbled upon this gorgeous park, where a giant statue stood in the center. it looks like a fountain, but i don't think it was. behind it you can see the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. i almost felt like i could be in Europe. there are a few amazing churches like this around the city. we couldn't go inside, so just stood and gawked at the facade.

and then we rested. and i knit.

and now here i am. back to my normal life. in queens. watching pride and prejudice the A&E version and working on another custom Etsy order. joy.


Ruth said...

Hehehehe! Oh I loved this sweetie!! Smiling the whole way. There is something about the way you wrote this, combined with the sweeeeet photos, that make little Mr. Hudson the most adorable companion and you the adorable dogsitter. So very very cute. You and Mr. Hudson walkin around da wig and bicked city, lookin at da churches togedder. Sweet sweet sweet. I love you so much. And that is a very tender sweet photo of you at the end. One more week and a day!!

Raw Kale said...

Until what?

Beautiful colors:D That was my favorite part.

What cousin?

lesleyanne said...

one more week and a day until i get to see my sweet family for thanksgiving!!!!

thank you mamma. i had so much fun with this doggy. i want to steal him away from Nate and Nancy...especially when their baby boy is born.

and thank you Rachel! yes, Nate and Nancy live in this beautiful apartment right across the street from Central Park West. amazing.

Raw Kale said...

Wow, I was wondering if it was them... nice. Oh, of course TG! I guess I kind of forgot since I don't have any special plans myself. Well, you have oodles of fun for me:D

Donica said...

sounds like you had a nice time with HH! I can just see the two of you making a day of it and walking 'till you dropped!! have a great time with the family for TG...and give everyone hugs from us and then they can hug you back for us! Lots of Love and Safe Travels to you.

I will return to ATLANTA in another 1.5 days for my TG trip home. Can hardly wait to see my "real" bed again and Ginnie too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Hudson is not only super cute, but he's also a dignified doggie. He puts my Diesel (all rough and tumble) to shame. ;)

When I was dogless, my greatest joy was dogsitting. I love to cuddle with furry babies!

mystic rose said...

the pictures are lovely! so well captured, esp the little bridge!

Have a lovely Thanksgving weekend with your family, Lesleyanne.

mystic rose said...

I have been to that cathedral!! Its quite huuuge and amazing!

D said...

HH almost makes want a dog, almost. You bring such nice breezes with you.


lesleyanne said...

RK, no special plans for the holiday? bummer. you always have great people to celebrate life with, it seems. i'm sure you'll be surrounded by loved ones.

lesleyanne said...

donica!! thank you for visiting my blog! you met Hudson, right? yes, they had him in April when you visited. that was such a fun time. i hope i get to see you in Amsterdam someday soon.

safe travels home for you as well! i hope you have a wonderful holiday, and lots of hugs and kisses.

lesleyanne said...

i love cuddling with furry babies too heather!! it was such a nice excuse to get away, and i've been wanting an animal lately. alas, my apartment won't allow me to have any kind of maybe. maybe i'll get a fish tank.

your diesel is adorable!!

lesleyanne said...

by the way heather, my mom sent me the photo of you wearing the hat and gloves! how perfect they are for you!!! :)

lesleyanne said...

thank you mysticrose!! and thank you for visiting! i hope you have a great holiday as well.

have you been inside the cathedral? i couldn't go inside, but really wanted to. how glorious it must be.

lesleyanne said...

D....papa, is that you?

swedehart said...

Lesley, I checked out Knitting for Dummies and I am actually knitting designs!!! I am so psyched! I never realized it would be so easy to learn if I just got a book to show me how. You have inspired me and for the moment, I am hooked on knitting. Zabrina and I had a little stitch and bitch night and watched Dirty Dancing while we knit! I finally finished that scarf I started four years ago- I didn't know how to end it, but Knitting for Dummies changed all that!

Of course I have loved ones and friends- but nothing planned except R&R.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious irony that I got to this entry while researching Judge Henry Hudson who will oversee the sentencing of Michael Vick on December 10.