Monday, November 5, 2007

on the up and up

after a nice week of sales, i'm ending my monday with a new item in Etsy!

thistles embroidered into striped fabric! i couldn't stop thinking about my dad when i was making these. his favorite flower. i'm starting a floral fabric earring series, inspired by the Flowers book i bought a few weeks ago. i've learned about so many new beautiful flowers from the book, and have already started my next pair.

i'm trying to build up my product, as i want to visit Subdivision (a boutique in Long Island City where i sell some of my jewelry consignment style) sometime in the next week or so, and bring them some goodies. you can see another pair of earrings i listed this weekend in my Etsy shop. i bought a new puzzle!

so perfect for the autumn season! i made about 9 pairs, and hope to make a few more pairs this week. C suggested that i add some 'metal' for extra durability, and of course, he was right. they look much more professional. i even added some gloss varnish to the back and sides for extra strength! i love these earring hooks. make the earrings interesting.

and in other great news, i ordered some fabric labels from another Etsy seller, JennifersJewels! i sent her an image of my logo, and she printed them out for me! great deal, and the labels are fabulous. i've been recommending her all over the forums! check it out.

i applied my first label to a sweater i sold last week! how exciting. to make things even more interesting, the lady who bought the sweater is from Michigan, and now lives in Brooklyn! so we met for a little brunch and i got to hand deliver the goods. what a treat, to see a reaction from a real live buyer.

happy monday and enjoy your week!


Ruth said...

You know your work is very "coutour." One of a kind, and now very recognizable as "pink graffiti". How fun! I like this flower series. I told papa about the thistle. :) I can see the label much better in this photo, thank you!

Raw Kale said...

I am so amazed at how YOU yourself are blooming like a flower!!! If Lesley were a flower, what would she look like?

Ginnie said...

And when I got home Wednesday evening, your Christmas tree decoration was waiting for me in the mail! How cool is that! I can hardly wait to put it on our tree! :)

lesleyanne said...

i was hoping you would tell papa. thank you mama! you always know exactly what to say.

lesleyanne said...

thank you cousin RK! i just love flowers, they are so continuous and unyielding. if i were a flower, i would want to be an orchid. they last forever and are so unique.
what flower would YOU be?

lesleyanne said...

yay aunt bootsie!!! thank you again, i'm so glad you enjoy.