Sunday, January 27, 2008

born on a monday

this past week has really been filled with excitement.
exciting event #1: my cousin Nancy gave birth to their new son, Riley!!
and i was lucky enough to meet him when he was only 4 days old (now he's almost a week old!).

i held him and hugged him for all of my family far away. he was quite calm and sleepy for most of the evening, but he did open his eyes to check out the situation.

on daddy Nathan's lap. he's like the size of a burrito from Chipotle, which is pretty big for a burrito, but pretty small for a person.

it's going to be amazing to be in the city with them, watch him grow up, start smiling, walking.

exciting event #2: a new bicycle!!

i've been wanting a new bike for awhile, as my european Puch is quite heavy and i almost dread taking it up and down the stairs to my apartment as i usually hurt myself in the process. it's also more difficult to ride...blahblahblah. this is a [vintage?] Cannondale, bought through Craig's List by he's been looking for awhile for me. it's the perfect size for me, and i looove these colors! so this photo above is the BEFORE. yesterday, C and i took the entire bike apart, washed it, scrubbed it, and he replaced all of the parts for me! amazing. new seat, new pedals, new tires, new tape on the handlebars. it's going to take me some getting used to riding a road bike, but i think i'll love it.

and still making things.

embellished fabric for one of my new projects. more later.


Nancy & Nathan said...

he's totally a big burrito! gas and all.... ;)

SwedeHart said...

Lovely new updates! Funny how road bikes are the craze now! I'd like to join the revolution myself, and since we sold our beach cruisers, we have space for them:D Cool enhancement of the material. What are you gonna do with it??? Pockets?

Ruth said...

Hehe, I love to see another pose with the little burrito, so funny. :D I have been stalking the poor little guy over at his bloggie. I want to eat him up.

So nice, the Cannondale. Will you christen her? (I'm in baby mode.)

The fabric embellishments give me a lift in this winter weather. Loverly.

lesleyanne said...

thanks Rach, yea you'll see what i'm going to make!! will hopefully finish by the end of the week, as it's another entry for the book proposal.

you should get a road bike! how come you sold the beach cruisers?

mom: will christen the bicycle this weekend! will finally get to take her for a real ride, not just around the apartment. :) yippee!!! i'm glad i could brighten up your world a bit.