Thursday, January 3, 2008

happy new year!

i welcome 2008 with open arms.

2007 was an amazing year, full of endless possibilities and ideas, only making this year that much better. starting fresh feels great and everything, but let's look back at a happy happy year.

Pink Graffiti at ETSY! yes yes, this was the year it all happened. thanks to the lovely ladies of Mogulettes in the Making, i had the inspiration and encouragement i needed to come up with a business name that i love to this day. technically i started my Etsy site in 2006, but really didn't get it going until 2007. 2007 was also a great year for Etsy in general! read an enlightening article about it, here.

met my c. invisible arms cooking delicious fish.

started my full time job doing interior design! two red chairs as you enter my office, with a small chrome table with treats for clients.

started sweater collections! even sold a few, altho i haven't sold this one yet! this particular sweater was recently featured in an Etsy Treasury, with other red recycled goodies.

set design for Sampaguita. i will never forget that experience.

my first full year in New York.

New Year's was a blast! i wasn't in the city last year, so this year we celebrated with a bang! c usually goes with Time's Up on their yearly bike ride through the city. starting at around 10:30pm, hundreds of avid riders meet in Washington Square Park, equipped with lights on helmets and party hats. we took about an hour to ride up to Central Park to watch the fireworks at midnight! unfortunately, no photos. a bit difficult when trying not to run other riders over and keeping up with friends. great great fun. it wasn't even that cold!

altho i miss my family and friends in Michigan dearly (and all of you who live outside of Michigan), i feel like i'm in the right place.


Ruth said...

It was a great idea to look back on 2007 in your first post this year. It seems that sometimes when you get past the first hurdle (getting started in Etsy, for example), things really take off! I hope that happens for your business in Pink Graffiti.

I love those little red chairs at the office. Love the photo of C's invisible arms, mmmm, cooking fish.

Thank you for the glimpses of your sweet NY life, my daughter. I love you so much.

lesleyanne said...

as always, you have the exact right words. thank you my dear mommy. the entry actually didn't even start that way, it just sort of became a look back after i started looking through my photos.

that last photo was taken the night C and i met! :)

and you're right, it really was the first hurdle that got my business on its feet. and there is more and more coming!! i hope.

i love you.

swedehart said...

Wow, I want to hear more about your job! I would love to buy that sweater, but first I need a job! I am in the market, so hopefully it won't be long! I would love to do that bike ride some time for New Years. That sounds amazing. I am so happy you love New York. Hugs!

Ginnie said...

I LOVE that you looked back on your year like this, Lesley. You clearly have come into your own! You go, Girl!

lesleyanne said...

thank you Rachel! wow, it took me a long time to respond to your comment...:) you should come to New York for new year's one year! you know you're always welcome to visit.

and thank YOU Aunt Boots! i'm so happy you could see my life in New York last year. and now i get to see your life in Amsterdam!