Tuesday, January 29, 2008

cabled hat in the air

i knit another cabled hat, for a friend's 5 year-old daughter, Macy.

this third time knitting this particular hat was definitely a charm.
of course after knitting the same thing multiple times really helps one perfect the garment.

i call it the Macy hat. i get to hand-deliver it to her this week! she is the sweetest little girl. and has the same size head as me! the details include cables, ear flaps, a pom-pom with both cream and pink yarn, and floral embellishments with pink yarn [[pictured above]].

multi-colored mohawk pom-pom.

ear flaps with i-cord strings for tying. i picked up the stitches for the flaps, rather than knitting them separately and sewing them on by hand. much better construction than my pink hat, seen here, with braided strings and ear flaps sewn on.

i call this pink grapefruit, inspired by one of my mother's poems. i still adore this hat. the pink yarn accents in the cream Macy hat is from the same skein this pink hat was knit from. dyed with koolaid by me. i prefer to wear the birds on the left side. i wonder which side Macy will want to wear her flowers.


this past weekend!!! it was an exciting crafty Sunday! a good friend of mine, Tiffany hosted a lovely crafternoon at her apartment turned studio. it was grand fun, and i got to gaze at her amazing storage solutions, endless supplies of recycled goodies, and fun inventions.

so organized i can't even stand it. you can see the box there to the side. her current project is making a quilt out of recycled sweaters. brilliant! Tiffany owns a company called RePlayground. an excellent vision, all about making functional and fun products out of recycled goods.

the ladies. thanks to Tiff for the photos.

RECYCLE!!! it's to this glorious idea that i owe a lot of my future products and projects. coming soon!

ps - i started a Flickr site! will be uploading lots of photos to promote my Etsy shoppe! check it out!




Ruth said...

Hehe! I like the new site! I hope you told all your visitors about it. :)

Macy hat Macy hat, cute cute cute. It's nice you can wear this hat either way, front is same as the back, so you can decide which side to wear the embellishments.

Tiffany's storage wall is inspiring! Makes me want to start a project right now. Remember I told you about the recycled sweater quilt idea?? I saw it in a mag, it was actually a throw, and they had lined it with satin, so nice. I wonder if she saw it there too?

It's brilliant to get together with crafty friends. Same for me, I've been chatting with Mystic Rose about writing, and that is spurring us both on to write more.

I love you, my little pink grapefruit! :D

SwedeHart said...

Is this your knitting group?

I joined the SNB here in Salt Lake City, so next Tuesday will be my first official Stitch-n-Bitch gathering:D Yea! I'm hoping my girl Hilary comes with me. She has a space in an Antique mall where she sells vintage clothing. Oh, I will be posting soon about this. In fact, I have nothing better to do today, maybe I should get started on that project.

I looooove that hat! Great ideas are blooming in my head! love the cool-aid dyed yarn that actually looks like you dipped the top of the hat in the cool-aid!

Always inspiring!

lesleyanne said...

mamma! it's funny, it's the same exact blog, i just changed the URL name! didn't know i could do that. but it's possible. you could even change yours to synchronizing.blogspot.com...if it's not taken. it's all about continuity.

yes, i wonder if that's where she got the idea for the quilt! she has a lot of recycle-craft magazines and books, even some she's published! very inspirational.

yes, i did tell quite a few of my readers that my blog site changed, i need to tell a few more.

i'm so glad you're getting more inspired with friends! it's lovely.
and i love you.

lesleyanne said...

thank you Rachel! this is actually my company name, correlating with my Etsy shoppe -


i'm so happy you joined the knitting group!! you'll have to tell me all about it. i'll keep an eye on your blog to see your progress. love it!!

hugs and kisses!!