Sunday, January 20, 2008

i think it reached below 20 today

or at least it seriously felt like it
the sunshine was quite deceitful today, shining in her brightness
but the wind claimed any warmth it could have brought to my small neighborhood in new york
still i ventured out to run some needed errands

after deciding that i didn't really need to do laundry, i spent most of the day in my studio
(still in here for a bit actually)
drinking green tea (a bit wired)
experimenting with new ideas
new glasses

i still adore my green walls.

still in the beginning stages of a lot of experimentation, figuring out what the best way to craft, learning new techniques and getting used to the time it will really take to make these projects work. sometimes this really tries my patience, as i wish i had more than 2 days off a week to really experiment to the degree i want to.

new shirt in Etsy! this is another quite like one i listed last year, but i've added a few different features.

a pocket in the front, and a few extra petals in the back, makes for some interesting layers.

also listing a new bracelet tonight. so go check it out!!


Ruth said...

Creating and experimenting is a great way to stay warm inside. It was super cold here too, so I started a short fiction story -- based on YOU! :D

I went to look for the new bracelet, not posted yet?

This new shirt idea is tres cute, pocket and all. I like the earthy colors!

SwedeHart said...

I agree, love the pocket. I've gotta have more pockets! You've got the modeling thing down, too. Nice glasses.

Mrs. M. said...

Well, cuz, the green walls are still cool. I will get my own sewing studio when Emma leaves for Hope--finally a room of my own!! yea!

Stay warm, but hopefully you'll venture out for all we Harts who are dying to hug and kiss Riley! You have a lotta luv to give on behalf of the long distance cuzes! :)

SwedeHart said...

True, Shari, I forgot Lesley gets to see him in the flesh! Give him love for me, too:D

lesleyanne said...

i can't wait to read this mystery story mamma!!! how intriguing. short stories are difficult. i took a class at CCS, and we had to write a short story every week. it was tough!!

and thank you as always!
i miss you.

lesleyanne said...

thank you cuz Rachel!! i know, gotta love the wonderful functionality of pockets. oops i lost a button...lemme just put it in my pocket!

how's the knitting??

lesleyanne said...

can't wait to see what your studio will look like! so nice to have a getaway, eh?

and yes, i'll be seeing Riley tomorrow!! i will give him all your love...and your's too Rachel!

Ginnie said...

You are so darn-tootin' creative, Lesley Ann. WOW.

tiffanytomato said...

green walls are pretty.

pockets are good, too.
especially when they're made from scrap material.